Monday, November 16, 2009

Eh-hum # 289

I'm baaaaccckkk.

Yes, yes, I know it has been three months and unfortunately, I have been busy. Well, if I were more organized I would be updating my blog on a daily basis. But its good I have some free time to share that:

1) After almost two months of waiting, I finally got my grade for my comprehensive exams: I passed and got an A-. Very contented, since I was praying at least a B. Now, I can move on and start researching for my thesis topic and proposal defense.

2) Huge changes at work. Not only we have a new boss, the unit to which I belong is sort of "evolving" (I'll just leave it at that). However, some administrative concerns that may not considered as good news for most. Will be praying extra hard for order and fairness (Side note: Unnecessary drama last month. Funny and annoying how sometimes parents refuse to believe that their children, especially those who are of age, can make their own decisions. Instead, they blame it on other people and the supernatural. Puh-leeze).

3) Speaking of work, our guests from abroad will be arriving this Saturday. Hence this week is hell week. Good luck to us (our last activity which was held in September was a hit; we are drawing inspiration from that)!

4) Important lesson: It pays to be humble.

5) Election fever is here and will not go away until the votes have been tallied. Have not decided my President and VP, etc. I am waiting for a dove to descend from heaven and anoint the most fit to occupy the highest political position in the country (or I could file the whole dove thing under "never" and pray for the best. *sigh*).

6) Totally a fan of the comedy show "The Big Bang Theory". Discover your inner geek!

7) Finally, we congratulate the PACMAN for a stunning win last Saturday (Sunday local time). For a minute there, I was worried. But kudos to my brother (and resident sports analyst) for believing in the Pambansang Kamao and boldly predicting that he will triumph and get his 7th title. Glad to have witnessed a historic event. (Side note: But a suggestion to those who gets to choose who sings the Philippine National Anthem: two or three heads are not necessarily better than one. This singing group, whose name escapes me at the moment, were pretty and well dressed, but I was not impressed. Again, I can't believe they overlooked Lea Salonga for this. Well, maybe the trio works for GMA 7? That would've explained a lot. But at least, they got the lyrics right.)

Whew. That pretty much sums it up. Hopefully it won't take me another two or three months to write my next post. Oh well.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Eh-hum # 288

What would Cory do?

I join the rest of the country in expressing heartfelt condolences to the Aquino family for their loss. In addition, the country lost an icon of democracy and peace. Her regime was not perfect, it was marred by coup attempts and controversies (Mendiola Massacre, power shortages, etc.). But as we know, the transition from martial rule to civilian authority was not easy for the Filipino people, and she, a simple housewife, took the reins at a truly challenging period for the nation.

What is even more sad with the passing of former President Cory Aquino is that there are still remnants of the old martial rule walking about. I am talking about them Marcos cronies who were her political rivals. Perhaps there is some truth to that old Filipino saying, "Ang masamang damo ay matagal mamatay".

Here we go...

When things couldn't get any worse, we hear Kris Aquino-Yap(ping) thanking the Marcoses and Joseph Estrada for their support. Talking about adding insult to injury. Why am I not surprise? Let me take you back to the days when Ms. Aquino-Yap had a talk show on Channel RPN 9, when she had Bongbong Marcos as guest and her gestured distressed the former President. She also forgot the time when Tita Cory apologized to Estrada and the reaction that got from the civil society.

The Aquino family's decision to refuse Malacañang's offer for a state burial was their business and should be respected; hence, I was hoping they wouldn't have to explain why. Well Ms. Aquino-Yap decided to do it anyway, and unfortunately it may further divided the nation (in her logic, one of the reasons was the supposed pull-out of the former President's security details). From what I heard, some of the family members just didn't want to get involved in politics. Naive?

Reality check, from the moment politicos like Erap and other so-called Cory "friends" and "supporters" have been visiting her and hosting masses for her recovery then, it has become a vehicle for these folks for media mileage and support from the voters this coming election. Like what Mr. Cito Beltran said in his article (see link above), how ironic it is to see those trapos who have betrayed her in the past and now claim to be close friends with the family. I am not being cynical, just realistic.

If Cory can see all of this happening, what would she do? I am sad that all of these are happening at the expense of the former President's death. So Kris, don't be naive and say that your clan is "small" (compared to the current regime) and helpless and all that. Think again; these trapos and former cronies see the (politcal) potential in expressing their sadness for Tita Cory's passing. In addition, by expressing publicly your appreciation for Erap's and Marcoses' support (brrrr) and Noynoy's disappointment for a possible GMA visit, you have unwittingly made this a political issue. Again, not cynical, but realistic.

With all of this craziness, I am glad that the former President (and Ninoy) are in a better place right now.

Just tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree...

Monday, July 06, 2009

Eh-hum # 287


1. Darna 2.0 in GMA 7 - an excuse for Marian Rivera to be in a bikini/two piece on a daily basis (really, forget the acting or the storyline).

2. Rosalinda also on GMA 7 - basically, the lead actress is Marian Rivera Version 2.0 (YAWN); her legit showbiz pedigree gone to waste.

3. Koreanoveles on both ABS-CBN, GMA - our local talents (writing) have lost their knack; Filipino television has been reduced to dubbing imported series and worse, making Filipino versions of said dramas.

Wala lang.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eh-hum # 286


What's a birthday celebration without KARAOKE/VIDEOKE?! So for your (our) enjoyment, please sing along with a moving rendition of that ultimate karaoke number, Total Eclipse of the Heart.

But wait, THERE'S MORE! This is not just any version of Bonnie Tyler's 80s hit, it's the LITERAL version that went viral just recently. Literal means the song is about the events in the music video. So, turn around bright eyes and get a load of this:


On a sadder note, the undisputed King of Pop died today at age 50. While his career was marred by erratic behavior, plastic surgeries and allegations of child abuse, Jackson will remain one of the most influential and talented entertainers of the 20th Century. Without a doubt, he was at his finest when performing his best songs and busting his best moves. And we shall remember him that way.


Eh-hum # 285

On the way to work today, I heared the radio ads by three Senators: Manny Villar, Mar Roxas and Loren Legarda. Among the three, Villar's had the most airtime (it was the longest). *Sigh* In the Philippines, it is never too early to start campaigning for the next national elections in 2010.


Methinks the most controversial issue to date is House Resolution 1109, or resolution passed at the Lower House calling for the convening of a constituent assembly (CON-ASS) to propose amendments to the Constitution without the Senate. According to the national dailies, the Supreme Court junked a petition submitted yesterday by "taxpayers" against the said resolution. The high-court called the petition premature and stating that proponents of the resolutions have yet to "perfom a positive act" (read: do anything substantial vis-a-vis CON-ASS) that would merit an intervention from the SC. True; it has been a waiting game of sorts since HR 1109 was approved.

For me, I have not seen anything concrete; perhaps that is why the rallies last week were not so popular (especially to annoyed Makati employees who had a hard time communiting), its more on noise rather than substance. Most of the time, we are left to speculate of what will the House solons (PGMA allies) will do next. According to the Speaker, they will convene after PGMA delivers her SONA next month. Personally, I am not as informed as the others on this whole CON-ASS issue; perhaps this is a good time for me (and most of the Filipinos) to study the moves of key politicians and read the dailies. As the SC ruling said, "It is not an open invitation for the ignorant and ignoble to file petitions that prove nothing but their cerebral deficit".

Hence, if we want our voices to be heard and our vigilance not wasted, our actions should be based on credible information and a good understanding of the issue at hand.


I was feeling under the weather last Sunday and yesterday. Because I went to school last Saturday, the first thing that came to mind was H1N1. I have the sniffles and am coughing a bit, but thank goodness I didn't have a fever. I am now on the road to recovery, thanks to countless glasses of pineapple juice and certain medications.

H1N1 can be fatal, but let us not forget that other equally (perhaps even more) dangerous disease, Dengue.


Good riddance to the circus that is the Hayden-Katrina Senate hearing (Great, another in-aid-of-legislation hearing gone to waste; did it help at all?). Please, let us forget about these two and tackle the issue of pronography/cybercrimes/cybersex rationally without the unnecessary drama. Moreover, please let a more credible politician handle this issue, rather than a notorious womanizer and sexist. Eh-hum.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Eh-hum # 284

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to spend time at the mall, by eating out, shopping and watching a movie. For the last item, we watched Terminator Salvation.

As you may have read, critics are divided with the movie. Moreover, many fans of the franchise did not like it because it lacked the triumvirate: James Cameron, Linda Hamilton (and her uber-cool one hand shotgun pump in T2) and the original Terminator, California's Governator. Well, Schwarzenegger, made a "cameo", but it wasn't really him, just his likeness. In addition, that was Hamilton in the tapes.

Well, for the record, I enjoyed it (for what it is). Though beautiful as he is, this is not Christian Bale's best performance. Thus, I give credit to Australian actor Sam Worthington (below) for giving the movie "heart".

After watching the film, I understood why Cameron handpicked him to be in T4 (he's the lead in Cameron's Avatar). Well, I don't know about you ladies, but I certainly don't mind seeing more of Sam in the future...hopefully mine. Eh-hum.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Eh-hum # 283

Two pieces of Pinoy news:

Good news for all bookworms!  PGMA ordered the Department of Finance to lift the taxes imposed on imported books and reading materials.

We can now visit our friendly neighborhood bookshops for those hard-to-get titles without the fear of unnecessary overpricing.

I doubt if anyone in this country (and other Pinoys abroad) has not heard of the latest showbiz scandal to rock the nation: The Halili-Kho Sex(ploitation) Video.  Well, might as well join the bandwagon and share my thoughts on this brouhaha.

Well, I give credit to Katrina Halili for admitting, amidst tears, that she was indeed the unlucky lady getting screwed (no pun intended) by the not-so-good doctor, Hayden Kho.  Prior to that, It took a lot of guts for her to admit that she and Kho were lovers, while the latter was with Ms. Vicky Belo.  When this issue first surfaced, I knew that a number of snide and sexist remarks would be thrown at the starlet.  I am definitely not a fan, but the lady deserves justice, since she has been wronged.  

Nonetheless, let us not immediately condemn Kho to death.  As of now, I sense that he is indeed guilty of capturing his (s)excapades on video without the knowledge of the other party (and statutory rape as well with another sex video that leaked).  But distributing the video to pirates, somebody else could be liable for that.  It is possible that he made these videos for his personal use only.  But again, it is truly unacceptable that he recorded the whole thing without Katrina et. al. knowing it.  

I agree with the idea that what people do within the confines of their bedroom is their business. If they decided to share their, uh, "intimate moments" with the rest of the world and earn from it, then that's pornography.  I agree with Mr. Condrad De Quiros of the Inquirer, the recording isn't the issue, it's the distribution.  If the Halili-Kho video, among others, were not leaked, then there is no issue because it's a private affair.

Unfortunately, and expectedly, handling this issue has become a circus, with politicos left and right giving their professional opinion on the matter.  Well, am sure Sen. Bong Revilla really wants to help Katrina, but what I am hoping is some consistency on the part of our lawmakers. 

Why only now to mobilize and put a stop to cybercrimes?  I remembered Sen. Madrigal was involved in cases against cybersex dens a few years back, what ever happened to that? Moreover, am sure Katrina Halili is NOT the only victim of a similar crime; what about the others who are victims of more heinous sex-related crimes like rape?  Should our "honorable" senators be prioritizing those who do not have Katrina's resources to attain justice.   We should really stop treating issues as if they are happening for the first time when in fact they are NOT.  Also, stop the unnecessary drama and get on with it.

And for the cynical at heart (which I have the tendency to be), why is this all happening two years after the video was recorded?  Since I have to get back to work (hwehe), kindly place your theory in the space provided:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eh-hum # 282

Geeez, I hope I won't get persecuted for this.  But this post was inspired by an article from an alpha blog and

Many women have expressed that they "love a man in uniform".  I wonder if "uniform" also includes a priest's habit.  The answer would be, more or less, a YES, especially if the said priest looks a lot like Ewan McGregor:

(Picture is a cropped version of an Angels and Demons wallpaper.)

If the answer to that question is also a YES, then we would have a difficult time concentrating in mass (or, we have now more reasons why we should attend mass).  Not bad, eh?  Well, these priests in their dapper habits (preferably McGregor) would not only inspire the faithful to wholeheartedly celebrate mass, it is possible for them to provide inspiration to a fashion collection.  

Silly, you say? Well, it already happened, courtesy of the "Heartthrob of the Vatican", Monsignor George Gaenswein, who reportedly inspired Donatella Versace's Spring 2007 collection.  And what does Ms. Versace say about her, uh, muse? Well, she confessed (eh-hum) that she found Father Gaenswein's "austerity very elegant".  FYI, Father Gaenswein is Pope Benedict XVI's personal secretary.  And as such, he gets to decide the Pope's activity for the day, accompany him in his travels, organize the Pope's schedule, etc.

Thanks to his tall, athletic frame and dirty-blond hair (and his clerical black uniform), the monsignor has attracted the attention of the Italian public, which includes the paparazzi.  Not bad, eh? Of course, he prefers the life behind the scenes. Well, with a nickname like "Bel Giorgo", that would be quite tricky.

*pictures from

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Eh-hum # 281

Just two things:

1. CONGRATULATIONS to the Pambansang Kamao (National Fist) Manny Pacquaio for knocking out British Boxer (or brawler) Ricky Hatton on the 2nd Round. Read TIME article on PACMAN here.  So who's the "joke coach" now, Floyd Sr?

And on a more personal note;

2. R.I.P. to our Perdie, many thanks for your much appreciated doggy antics.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eh-hum # 280

An opinion article from the Inquirer asked this question: What if Estrada becomes president again?

"Perish the thought!", says me who joined People Power II ousting Estrada. What makes the ousted and convicted ex-President think that he is qualified to run this country? He's no better than the current regime.

There are two major things that caught my attention in his artice: (1) his list of senatorial candidates for the opposition and (2) his answer on how he will solve the situation in Mindanao. I did not include the debate of whether he can indeed run again (his civil rights have been restored due to the pardon), since I have no legal background.

His senatorial lists consists of the following: Reelectionist Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Jinggoy Estrada, former Sen. Sergio Osmeña III, Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez and Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Teodoro Casiño (oh really now), United Opposition spokesman Adel Tamano, Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, broadcast journalist Ted Failon, Grace Poe, daughter of bosom friend Fernando Poe Jr. (WTF?!?), and incarcerated Brig. Gen. Danny Lim. Meanwhile, former Sen. Agapito “Butz” Aquino and Makati Mayor Jejomar “Jojo” Binay were listed as "reserves".

I am not going to elaborate, but this pretty much shows how f*cked up Pinoy politics is, which is run by political dynasties, serial balimbings, trapos, and people who have NO experience in Public Administration, Public Policy whatsoever.

So, how will the "Kumpare King" solve the crisis in Mindanao?

"Di ba almost solved na yon when I was ousted?” he said. “Camp Abubakar had been captured by the AFP. Now Gloria has given it back to the MILF.”

Yep, all-out war. Nothing has changed.

Eh-hum # 279


Being a daughter of a Master Mariner (Captain), who is currently overseas, learning that your dad's ship will pass the coast of Somalia is like a death sentence. You would rather encourage him to prematurely finish his contract and come home; miles away from the pirates of the East African coast (thankfully, he won't; so does my uncle, a licensed Master). Last Sunday's dramatic rescue of Richard Phillips, the American captain held hostage since April 8 by defiant Somali pirates, gave the impression that we are well on our way in putting a stop to this transnational and costly crime. However, it is just one of out the many incidents of piracy in the high seas and all efforts appear to be floundering in the face of a relentless, quick-to-adapt, resurgent enemy.

European countries, particularly the United Kingdom and France, have sponsored United Nations resolutions authorizing military action to combat the pirates. Hence, naval ships from the US and European nations were deployed to curb piracy off the Horn of Africa. However, as an article from TIME states, these operations have yet to yield favorable response. Phillips' rescue, after all, was simply an effort to play "catch-up". A day before his rescue, the pirates have captured another vessel, an Italian tugboat in the Gulf of Aden, which brings the total of high-seas abductions this year to 65, compared with 164 for all of 2008 and 2009. In addition, the Associated Press reports that Somali pirates captured four ships and took more than 60 crew, one of which is a Greek-managed bulk carrier, Irene E.M. This "brazen hijacking spree" was said to be caused by the death of three Somali pirates during the rescue operation of Phillips.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates reports that the four pirates who attacked the Maersk Alabama, were between 17 and 19 years old, or "untrained teenagers with heavy weapons". If that is the case, how come these pirates are able to dodge these well-armed, highly trained and high-tech navies? Experts on maritime security expressed that the United States, NATO and EU should straighten out organization issues, as well as defining their goals in the Gulf of Aden: to end piracy or to win top honors for their respective military strength. Moreover, there is the issue of poverty, which most likely drives these Somalis to piracy. In this regard, the government of Somali should take a stand. These incidents has apparently exposed "the impotency of Somalia's transitional government". But their leaders, led by the newly installed Somali President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, hopes to curb this problem, which can contribute to efforts in ending the country's 18-year stint as a failed state.

Shipping plays a significant role in world trade. More importantly, Filipinos are a major stakeholder of the maritime/shipping industry, and due to earnings, Filipino sailors are unfazed by threats of piracy. About 40 percent of 800,000 seafarers around the world are Filipinos. And of nearly 250 sailors being held by the pirates, almost 100 are from the Philippines. Hence, it is only natural that we should be supportive of international endeavors to curb piracy in the high seas, whether in Africa or in Asia (in particular, the Malacca strait).

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eh-hum # 278

Sorry, am on vacation mode right now, so nothing much to share.

Except for this, which is really funny.

When worlds collide: comic Ricky Gervais and one of the greatest actors on stage and film, Sir Ian McKellen, in a brilliant scene from the series Extras. Sir Ian shares his acting secrets, using his role as Gandalf in LOTR as an example. Enjoy!

Eh-hum # 277

When worlds collide, part 2 series of 2009.

Yes, I thought it would be cool to feature videos (or pictures) of two or more personalities who you don't normally see together but when they do come together, the outcome would be extremely funny, entertaining and interesting.

Here, its UK comic hero Ricky Gervais and cute Sesame Street residence Elmo. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eh-hum # 276


So, it has come to pass: Nicole, or Suzette S. Nicolas in real life, recanted her claims in 2005 that a US serviceman raped her. She submitted an affidavit yesterday and has terminated the services of her lawyer. In addition, Nicole accepted money from the said servicemen and has left for the United States with her American boyfriend. According to her mother, she will be staying in the US for good. In short, Nicole chose to move on.

When this sudden “change of heart” on Nicole’s part was published in the national dailies, I expected every Filipino, or anyone who cares, would give his or her two cents worth on the incident. After all, Smith was found guilty by the Makati City Court using evidence that does not suggest consensual sex. So why leave the country? Those who sympathize with her will say the Philippine justice system has failed her; hence, she would rather get the money and the opportunity to leave the country and start a new life. Unfortunately for Nicole, there are people who are not very kind and have already judged her from the very beginning.

Her decision to submit her affidavit and leave the case, she will be labeled as any or a combination of the following: a liar, an opportunist, a whore. Back in 2005, people have raised questions about Nicole’s profession in Subic, her priorities and her decision to accompany Smith’s group that fateful night. If she was indeed raped, it was because she deserved it. Moreover, given her questionable lifestyle, should we expect anything less? I admit; I have my doubts at the beginning. I believed that when we make choices, we should also be prepared for the consequences. That night, as an adult, Nicole made her choice, and therefore should know what’s coming next. However, I also learned that a woman (a child, even a man), no matter how shady her profession is or desperate the situation she is in, does not deserve to be physically, sexually or emotionally abused.

In yesterday’s Philippine Daily Inquirer, this snippet from her sworn statement struck me: “My conscience continues to bother me realizing that I may have in fact been so friendly and intimate with Daniel Smith at the Neptune Club that he was led to believe that I was amenable to having sex or that we simply just got carried away.” I don’t know if this makes sense, but in my opinion, being friendly or intimate should never be confused with wanting to have sex. She will decide if she wants to sleep with someone or not. No actually means no.

We will never truly know if she was indeed a victim of sexual assault. The courts said she was, but her affidavit could challenge the earlier conviction. Nonetheless, she was, as one PDI columnist pointed out, a victim of circumstance. Apart from the slow justice system we have, were people who rallied behind her really and genuinely concerned about her cause, or did they just used her for their own anti-VFA sentiments? Would Nicole be liable for perjury and false testimony in court? How will this affect the other cases of rape in the country? Even though she has left for the US, Nicole has not entirely left the issue behind.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eh-hum # 275

HULLO! It's March already, can you believe it? Eh-hum.

Before I write anything from everyday life to Philippine politics, I just want to share this:

When worlds collide, Neil Gaiman as guest in the Colbert Report. ASTIG.