Monday, March 24, 2008

Eh-hum # 228

Me (aspiring kick-ass intellectual/policymaker): 0
Ditsy "valley girls"/trophy wives/mistresses: 1

So what is this about? Really don't want to elaborate, but its a self-esteem issue, again. Or, why sometimes (or often) young ladies who take the "easy" way out (eh-hum. wink, wink) tend to get ahead of those wanting to add more integrity into their lives by taking the road less traveled?

OMG, we live in an odd, unfair world. And a couple of weeks ago, everything that I ever believed in was challenged by this little saying from (uh-oh) my late grandfather: "Masmabuti na maraming kang pera, kesa abakada". And as of the moment, that's me.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eh-hum # 227

Two San Miguels are getting much media attention nowadays. One is the Opposition's newest witness in the ZTE-NBN Broadband deal scandal, Leo San Miguel, and the other is Bb. Pilipinas-Ms. World winner, Janina San Miguel. This post, unfortunately, is about the latter. My views on the scandal will come in after the unfolding of events in the next few days.

I really don't want to do this because I am also a Filipina and we are now celebrating Women's Month. But I believe that we can learn something from this little brouhaha/incident, such as beauty isn't everything and it pays to be smart and quick-witted.

Its obvious that this young lady made a fool of herself in national television and her winning second place, or being the country's representative to the Ms. World 2008 pageant, added insult to injury. Its also ironic that she is a Communication Arts student. Did she deserve to win after doing poorly in the Bb. Pilipinas 2008's question and answer portion? Will this tarnish the reputation of the Bb. Pilipinas organizers? Would this have an effect on younger women, how they would see themselves and their priorities in life? Do beauty contests even have a role in women empowerment?

Three points I would like to share:

1) Had she answered the question in Filipino, I would've admired her. There is nothing wrong in answering in your native tongue. I mean, in international beauty contests, you see representatives from Venezuela among others speaking in their own languages. The pageant organizers provides them with interpreters, so I don't think its a problem;

2) Speaking in Filipino may have allowed her to answer the question correctly. People who sympathize with her were saying that we shouldn't make a big deal about her broken English. Fine, but they forgot to note that she did not even answered the question in the first place! And truth be told, it was such an easy question; and

3) We are taking our knowledge in English for granted. I myself am not fond of grammar and I do make mistakes. But its still important, and Ms. San Miguel wouldn't know proper grammar even if she was ran over by it (ouch!).

Fine, I'll cut her some slack, since Ms. World 2008 is several months away. Lovely and confident as she is, she still needs work on her comprehension skills. Whoever is training her has her/his hands full. And us, her fellow Filipinas, can only do but pray. I am not expecting her to win (Where are the Gloria Diazes and the Margie Morans when you need them?), but rather just make us proud by being a shining example of Filipino beauty and, God-willing, BRAINS.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Eh-hum # 226

Maraming kalokohan simula pagkabata hanggang ngayon. And here are just some of the few:

1. More or less, fifteen years ago.

Me: "Bunso, huwag ka nang umiyak. Blow mo na yung rice mo para makakain ka na."
Him: (Wailing on top of his lungs, due to God-knows-what) "HINDI BLOW IYAN!!! WHITE!!!"

2. Two years ago.

Him: "Siguro, para makilala ni Bruce** si ate pag-uwi nya, kailangan maglagay tayo ng picture (ni ate) sa may kulungan nya."

3. Last year.

Me and Lin: "Jo, bakit ayaw mong kainin ang Fuji apple na binili ni mom? Pareho naman silang mansanas ng Washington (his favorite) ah."
Him: "Ganito iyon mga ate. Parang si Ate Con gusto ng Latondan* at si Ate Lin paborito ang Lakatan*".

4. A couple of weeks ago.

Him: "O, nasaan na yung Mango Milk Yogurt ko?! Wait...nainom ko na pala kanina...hehehe"


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY! Natatangi ka talaga, and we wouldn't have it any other way. :)

**our Belgian-Doberman mix/one-hell-of-a-guard-dog

Monday, March 03, 2008

Eh-hum # 225

Its March already! How time flies when you're having, uh, fun.

Forgive me, I haven't been out lately so there is nothing really much to talk about, or to write about. As I've said, I have been busy lately and I am just looking forward to next week because everything (I hope) will be back to normal. I am thankful for my grad studies to counter the boredom (or urge to slack-off) I have been experiencing lately.

Moreover, it helps that your friends would give words of encouragement. I sometimes felt embarrassed that my "problems" were not really that important, and yet that didn't prevent them from sharing good advise or encouraging thoughts. :)


Also, I have The Sims Life Stories to amuse myself and to keep me from going insane. Speaking of this game, for those who are familiar with it, notice when Sims interact with one another they speak using their own language called "Simlish". Designers of the game felt it would be impractical to use a real language for the Sims' every day dialogue, so they invented one. I find it amusing that Simlish took its roots from fractured Ukranian and, get this, Tagalog. Tagalog is one of the major languages used in the Philippines, and it is similar (almost identical) to the official/national language, Filipino.

Pretty neat, huh? It would've been cooler if I actually understood Simlish, but I guess that's a little too much. Hehehehe.