Monday, August 30, 2004

Eh-hum # 22

“Class struggles”

Nope, will not talk about communism here. I was watching TV last Saturday night and switched to the local channels. Imbestigador’s topic was about the living (barely) conditions of the poorer population of the country, mostly the squatters. I think the title of the episode was “Yagit”.

The episode’s aim was to generate sympathy among the televiewers or raise awareness of their difficult lives. I am saddened by their situation, really. But, I am pissed at their attitude and how they would blame everybody BUT themselves for their hardships. To be honest, I have little concern to those people who would lie in the streets all day than those who put some effort and try to earn a living. I am also appalled by the tendencies of the typical “masa male” to squander what little money they have on cigarettes, gambling, booze and women when they should be feeding their families. Furthermore, I don’t understand that given their present state, they have more than 3 children, some reaching to a dozen. What is it, carnal needs over practicality? Or more manpower? I hate it when they send their children on the streets to work while they stay at home to wait. Also, being poor is NOT AN EXCUSE NOT TO KEEP YOUR SORROUNDINGS CLEAN. Everything time I go to work, I pass at this particular district which used to be a sprawling business center (clue: there stands a revered church). Now, its home to perhaps, hundreds of squatters who badly needs a lesson (a course even) on waste management and hygiene. I would suggest that the place should be evacuated and burned to the ground to sanitize it. Afterall, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Worst of all, these people do not pay taxes and politicians, especially during election time, are prioritizing them over those who are shouldering everything. Their huge numbers and destitute conditions are a sweet talking, re-electionist’s dream, and the taxpayer’s nightmare. Biased? Can afford to say all these things because I am not in the same position? The thing is, my parents came from humble beginnings too, but that did not stop them to stay that way for the rest of their lives. Hard work, efficiency, honesty and faith in God paid off (with love, of course). These people need to help themselves and not totally depend on others. The government could teach them or provide them with basic things. From there, they will have to make most of what was taught and what was given. I guess they were hasty in thinking that life in the city was better compared to their hometown, considering that they have very little money and formal education. Obviously, they are too trusting of people who coaxed them to come here. These so-called friends pretend to help them, and then eventually exploit them. On the other hand, I do hope that those greedy officials from the provinces where these people came from are watching and absorbing every minute of it.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Eh-hum # 21

Back to work.

The storm (or no storm) has passed and am back at work. While some areas of the country are still flooded, it has become manageable here in the metropolis. Especially if your family owns a vehicle with big wheels. The heavy rains and floods gave the work force 2 days of rest, however, staying at home can be a bit boring. However, thanks to the TV and a good book, it wasn’t so bad.

Speaking of TV, I was able to catch Ranma ½, which is a favorite of mine. This series is absolutely HILARIOUS. I doubt if anyone has not heard of it since it was based on the popular manga with the same title during the early 1990’s (I think). It rides on this unusual idea of mostly teen-aged martial artists turning into something else when poured with cold water and returning to “normal” with hot water (due to this Chinese spring). Of course, the show also talks about love and romance, even in the strangest circumstances. While it is funny, its humor is NOT applicable to kids. Before, I was thinking of buying a compilation of the series (as well as Ruoruoni Kenshin and Gundam Wing), especially its OVAs. Wonder where to look? Hmmmm…

Pork Diet.

The country is in a fiscal crisis according to the President, while her economic team says it isn’t so. Am no Economist and I don’t know what a fiscal crisis is, but it definitely sounds BAD. And what contributes to this is the HUGE debt and rampant GRAFT. Of course, let’s not ignore the continuous increase in fuel prices, which has a domino effect on almost everything with commercial value. What are we to do?!?

Save, save, save. Waste not, want not. Haste is Waste. Conserve energy. Pay your taxes according to the law. This is something both the people and the government should do.

And then there’s the controversial pork barrel.

From what I understand, it’s the funds used by our esteemed(????) leaders, solons and magistrates for their projects. I wonder who gave that name? It’s the subject of much scrutiny, asking if they are really using it for the benefit of the majority, especially the taxpayers. Well, I guess judging from all that Lexus, Mercedes, BMWs, mansions, prime lots, escort service (hyuk), etc, the answer is a resounding MAYBE….actually, a couple of notches from NO.

The solution? Give up the barrel (last paragraph please).
9 Senators said they are willing to take only 50% of the total, while the others seem to be clueless. Others are demanding that they should cut everything, as in totally eradicate the funds. I bet its not going to be easy, and some of them might get a heart attack just thinking about it. Waitaminute. Too much pork fat leads to high blood and then the risk of heart failure. Diet anyone?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Eh-hum # 20


MY 20th POST!!! Isn’t it grand? Just when I thought I won’t be able to update my blog at least once a week. Whew.

Today it started out ok, until it rained, rained and rained. The result? Floods in the big city. Since our Exalta is hardly amphibious, we decided to turn back. As anticipated, classes are suspended, my brother at home while my sister at her dorm. It’s a relief that the higher authorities decided to suspend work today, though I couldn’t say the same for the private sector. However, I whished I had brought home some stuff from the office so I wouldn’t missed our deadline (yes, I AM SERIOUS). After four hours upon our return, it’s still raining. And guess what? No storm. Is this erratic change in weather patterns are caused by global warming and pollution? We better do something or else…

Lethal combination: cool weather, nice couch and TV. And finally, I get to watch OPRAH. Though am no super fan, but I think she’s one smart lady and has good taste. I think she’s one of those few celebrities who loves to read (while others are partying way too hard and getting arrested on the process). I would like to be an audience in her show and get all those cool giveaways (I remembered she gave her audience rubber shoes, Reebok I think), the free taste and the books. Aaaahhh, the books that are recommended by her Book Club. The Oprah’s Book Club was put on hold for a pretty long time, am not sure why, then it was revived for the summer (U.S. time). The book that brought back the club was The East of Eden by John Steinbeck. The only book I’ve read with the club’s nod was White Oleander. That was a good read.

I am no book critic, but I usually say if I find a book good or bad. I like to read and I wouldn’t mind spending the whole afternoon just reading. Unfortunately, since books are not cheap and work leaves me bushed, I don’t get to read, or buy books, as much as I want. I have a small collection of books, some of them are required readings at school but good nonetheless (yep, including the Good Earth, believe it or not). However, I am trying to make time. Now, I am reading Wild Swans (The Three Daughters of China). It’s about three generations of women, their loved ones and their struggles before and after the Cultural Revolution in China. It’s sort of an authobiographical and historical novel. It’s poignant at the same time highly informative (especially on details of Mao’s rule). I bought the book because I am also interested in stories about women and how they deal the challenges of living in a particular society in a given period.

I want to buy so many things and a great part of it are books. Why do I like to read. I can’t say, words fail me (maybe jac can help me out, hweheh).

Monday, August 23, 2004

Eh-hum # 19


I think it's a tad late for me to talk about the Olympics, however, I discovered something that I considered inspirational. It was 1936 and Berlin was the host of the Summer Olympics. By the way, during this time, Hitler was the leader of Germany. According to LIFE, the dictator intended to use the Games as a tool for Aryan (race) Supremacy. However, this wasn't realized because an African-American athlete named Jesse Owens dominated the track events when he won 4 GOLD MEDALS. While the German athletes treated him well, Hitler refused to shake his hand (sore loser). Here's a pic of Owens in fighting form from LIFE. Moral of the story is: 1) never let others put you down and 2) don't underestimate the capabilities of others. Galing noh?

Eh-hum # 18

Does this font work?

I am in the process of getting to know the other features of the HENYO Blog. Call me silly, I didn't know you can actually change the font in your post. Geeeezzzz.

What's in a font? It could set the mood or give the sentence/words some "emotions". Like, if you use Arial, its a bit serious as compared to Comic Sans. Monotype Corsiva is feminine while Arial Black seems masculine. I like Garamond, which we refer to as the Harry Potter font. Its not as, uh, serious as Times New Roman, and not too big either. Color can also be a factor to the emotion the fonts give. Of course, you have to use the color and font accordingly, like you can't use bright yellow when sending your supervisor a letter, he'll (or she) will go blind, or Balloon for a memo.

Now, back to my question, does this font work for my blog? about 2 more posts eh?

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Eh-hum # 17

Where was I? Oh yeah...

Before anything else, let me tell you that this is the FIRSt HOMEMADE POST in this here fine blog. Well, we switched internet servers you see, and we now pay less than a thousand pesos for an unlimited surfing experience. Uh-huh. It it is still dial-up, but who cares? It's UNLIMITED!

Now, what are we talking about? Oh, yeah, the games. PC games to be exact.

It started when my sister borrowed her friend's Star Craft. She played that series with much vigilance. I didn't get the chance to play it, but I was watching her from behind. It was cool, until our computer crashed. Bye, bye Raynor and Protoss.

Then there was Battle Realms. I played only the skirmish part, I have difficulty playing the story mode (or whatever you called it) because I was afraid of them Lotus. My favorite clan was the Dragon because they have the Samurai and the Geishas looked cute in their costumes. All was well, and then my brother brought home another one: Age of Empires. This one I really like. You get to choose from a wide range of ancient cultures, create an empire, have alliances, trade with others and crush the enemy. This strategic game gratifies my authoritarian tendencies. It’s therapeutic...really.

I was starting to enjoy this game, when BAM! Our computer crashed for the second time. That's when we made up our mind not to put games in our PC. It was sad, sad, sad. And then there was hope.

The hope was my computer at work, which has a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of storage space. Given the circumstances, I borrowed my officemate's Age of Empires CD (with expansion) and now am merrily crushing the Minoans/Canaanites. Yep, I know it’s inappropriate but hey, I PROMISED TO PLAY AFTER OFFICE HOURS (or before, hweheh). It’s a good thing: now I am looking forward coming to work…like, really early. While I am unable to play the Sims, I can now create my own ancient empire and enjoy annihilating all rival territories. That's the start. Then, I'll conquer Asia as a powerful Shogun. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Eh-hum # 16

Game Na!

Until we switched cables, I used to watch this show on Tech TV titled X-Play. The show gives you reviews on video games for the most up-to-date consoles. The process involves describing what’s cool and/or sucks about the game then giving it a rating. It’s in this show I was introduced to the Play Station 2 and X-Box version of the Sims. I’m not a super gamer, but my experience with computer games go back to the Nintendo Family Computer, the Super Mario Brothers and the Game Boy. And then, when my younger brother was old enough to hold a joystick (and stare at the TV for hours), he became the game aficionado of the family. He dominated every game for the SEGA Mega Drive, the Play Station 1 and the Play Station 2 (if a 3rd comes out, am sure he’ll butter me up to buy him one).

I would play occasionally; no big, even watch him play those neat Final Fantasy games. Until, I bought my own copy of the Sims. If you’re not familiar with the Sims, it’s initially a PC game that lets you create characters (or “Sim”) by choosing different appearances, skills and personalities. After that, you build them a new home or buy one, get them a career and meet other Sims for friends or romance. In short, you create these Sims and run their lives. It was only recently that MAXIS/EA decided to develop this game for the console, and I think it’s a great idea. After our PC suffered from 2 crashes, we decided not install games to our computer.

I bought the Sims when I was “on vacation”, hence, I would spend 3 to 4 hours of game time everyday. This was bad news for my brother, since he has to share the console with me and which also cuts his game time. Now, since am at the office, I am unable to play the game which really bugs me. However…..I rekindled my fascination with another type of gaming experience.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Eh-hum # 15

What will the future hold?

The workshop was the sign of new things to come.

While it seems slow, we are moving forward, step by step.

So many plans lined up.

However, the path is vaguely visible, hence there are doubts.

Still, we are praying for the best.

We have people here who have potential and who have experience.

We will be a force to be reckoned with.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Eh-hum # 14


Yesterday, I took a leave from work just to do some, you know, stuffs. I am always the earliest to arrive in the office, hence, I hold the KEY. Tuesday, I had to give the KEY to an officemate or else they'll be working outside. Now, am back (unfortunately) and it feels weird since I felt I missed a lot of things. Really.

I was at the mall yesterday with my dad to pay their mobile phone bills and to have it terminated. Yes, they've decided to avail of the mobile company's pre-paid services since its much cheaper. While waiting for our number, my mom texted me and told me that my credit card arrived. Aaaahhhh yes, plastic money.

It’s a Master Card (yep, its priceless) and I think its best not to tell my limit. For me, getting a credit card is a very much "adult" thing to do. It’s both exciting and risky. I now have the privilege of buying my own things anytime and anywhere. I don't need to bring loads of money to buy some state of the art gadget. Since its mine, I could spend without my parent's permission. I am ready to unravel the shopper in me (which I rarely see).

But, there is a catch: THE BILL. Yes, yes, yes. We've heard those nasty stories of women (and even men) having huge DEBTS just because they used their cards without hesitation and were not responsible enough to budget their payments. How about that familiar movie scene where the snotty waiter cuts a customer's max out card?

Getting a credit card also means learning how to budget your money, which helps you to become a more responsible person. The temptation to splurge blindly is high, but the consequences are real. I promised myself to use this card for good (and justice, when applicable) and not let my mom or my dad to pay my dues when it comes.

With great power comes great responsibility says Spider-Man's Uncle Ben, and in this case, its purchasing power.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Passionate Me (# 13)

I am truly passionate.

*Thanks to jac for this quiz.

Virtues: You appreciate humor like none other. Puns might even spark laughter in you (TEHY R FUNNI). You seek adventure and connection with your surroundings. You seek friends who will not only share laughs with you but actually form a deep bond of trust and empathy beneath the surface. You look for adventure and courage in people, and variation is necessary to keep you under control. You see yourself as multi-faceted, so you need people who can see you in your many lights. You're constantly trying to figure yourself out while analyzing the people around you. Silly, silly people.

Aspirations: You can't decide what you want to be yet, but you know you want it to be adventures and interesting, with constant changes. You don't know what love will do for you yet, but it's competing with adventure for a place in your heart. An internal conflict has begun: can you be a successful worker, lover, and parent all at once?

Quirks: Noise of any sort is irritating when you're in the mood. Smacking gum, loud chewing, humming- it's about as pleasing as bodily noises. You dislike emaciated people because of jealousy and just plain disgust. You're a procrastinator but a hard worker, too.

Factors: You need constant attention and support. You're high-maintnence, but a great, reliable friend. Nature needs you and you need nature; it's helped thus far, so keep in touch with the outside world.

Future: Who knows! You absolutely need constant change, so vacationing is surely in the cards. Will you settle down or not? Love will find you eventually, as it does to everyone. Will you choose the sweet home life or the rewarding busy-bee life?

Find your soul type at

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Eh-hum # 12


Cat fights. Nope, no furry felines here. It is that vehement exchange of verbal (or physical) abuse between two (or more) feisty females who despise each other. It can happen anywhere: at home, at school, on the street and most commonly, in the work place. The intensity of the confrontation, I think, is correlated to 1) the age of the ladies (the younger they are, the more brutal it is…and irrational) and 2) the depth of the issue/problem or what’s at stake. Reiterating that it can get physical, I think throwing insults is bad enough. While the ladies involved may think that its an effective way to assert their so-called civil liberties (e.g. condemning the other of spreading nasty rumors about the accuser), all that commotion would only lead to more problems. How about the people who gets to witness a cat fight? The spectators may 1) feel that it is a total waste of time and only a gimmick to get attention; 2) consider it as an alternate source of entertainment or 3) just don’t give a damn. I guess, am between options 1 and 2.

I for one don’t like confrontations. Quoting Butch Dalisay (April 1996), I am about as warlike as a mushroom. In my opinion, people are totally unreasonable during these fights therefore any form of resolution is close to impossible. While you may feel the urge to hit the other person, it is still best to harness one’s diplomatic skills. You can still defend yourself while maintaining your composure. To avoid these unnecessary fights, I try to understand people as much as I can, try to be objective and not to get involved in other people’s special concerns. Also, it is not healthy to force yourself on another department and do someone else's tasks. It is also best not to get your superiors involved in these personal standoffs.

Get it? Just remember, it takes two to tango and where there's smoke, there's fire.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Eh-hum # 11


Saturday, late afternoon until 10:00 in the evening, I was in a family KTV bar (is that how you call it?) along TIMOG.

The gimmick was (not surprisingly) with my mum's side of the family. Our relatives just came from Guam and before leaving for Cavite (then back to the US of A), we decided (actually, My uncle decided) that we should celebrate.

There are tons of ktv bars along Timog and I was surprised that our venue was packed, every room was booked (capitalizing on the singing prowess of the Filipino). It had those disco light 54-ish. It was a comfortable with lots of privacy (yes, you can't hear the operatic voices from the outside. Amazing).

While programming the machine for songs that we can sing, we ate like there's no tomorrow: nachos, fries, california maki, baked mussels, SISIG! And we drank merrily too (Cheers to my brother, a minor, who had his first beer).

Though not exactly a fan of karaoke (channeling Kimmy from my "Best Friend's Wedding"), in this case however, I was able to discover the diva in me, or at least chose songs that are appropriate for my voice. It was good clean fun, with cash on the side. Why? There was a singing contest, which was something the family enjoys tremendously (when cousins and siblings battle it out using the microphone).

I wouldn't mind doing it again. Really.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Eh-hum # 10

Drama queen?

Instigating what is just or just being too sensitive? Personal interest or for the common good? What’s the deal here you may ask.

It’s like this. Let’s say that there is this room that somehow enjoys a level of solitude that also applies to its residents. When all rules are clear regarding this space, here comes an individual from beyond the room. It started out as a gesture of goodwill, making sure that this space is devoid of any problem. Suddenly, things started to change. You somehow feel that the supposed friend has turned into a prospective interloper. His/her purpose? You can never really tell however, you don’t feel comfortable with his or her presence.

What to do? Wage war or extend diplomacy? Make simple clarifications or aggressively demand for answers?

You do not want to disrespect anyone; however, you need to assert your principles. Hmmmm, does this sound like something that you encounter in the work area?