Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eh-hum # 97

This is a bit late, but what the hell...

I had some ME time last Saturday. I went to the gym for the first time in 3 months. YES! I have paying the fees without getting anything in return...howell. Anyway, I stayed there for, uh, around 3 hours. I was running on the treadmill while watching HBO's Rome. Then I decided to do some work-out, which I felt the following morning. I'm a lazy person, however, its not that I hate going to the gym...its the actual commuting that is pretty, uh, tiring. If I lived next door to the gym, I wouldn't mind spending at least an hour exercising. No kidding.

Let me just say that I stayed for ONE hour on the treadmill because I was so engrossed with the series. Why, why, why didn't I decided to watch Rome before?! Maybe because I couldn't stay up that late since I usually wake up at 4:50 am, 5 times a week.

4:50 AM?! Am I insane? Hardly. Waking up that early has its perks. First, since I commute going to work (well, at least halfway), I don't mind walking under the sun because its not as hot. Second, traffic is still manageable, hence, I can take my time walking. Third, waking up early helps me plan the day ahead (I rarely wake up after 0730 on weekends). And fourth, when I get to work really early, I can do some serious Internet time. Bwahahahaha!

I am a morning person, hence I rarely stay up late at night. I usually get a headache when I sleep for less than 5 hours the night before. Also, when I am deprived of sleep, dark circles began to appear under my eyes (sad eyes).

This post is partially about sleeping, if you notice. Sleeping is a must. According to the essential National Geographic, through my sister, a person can DIE for not sleeping four days straight. Due to lack of rest, your brain begans to shut down, until it crashes. I am sure, not even the smartest brain can survive that. So, don't feel wierd if you value sleeping more than the others. Its not a sign that you're lazy (pero pwede rin), you're just promoting your body's best interest (palusot pa talaga).

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Eh-hum # 96

In reference to Eh-hum # 95...

Katsuhiro Otomo's recent project...which I forgot to watch last 15 April...haayyy... Posted by Picasa

GITS 2: Innocence...cute ng doggie...hehe Posted by Picasa

Eh-hum # 95

Hehehe...long time, eh?

First of all, I'd like to thank those who greeted me a o tanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu last 12 April 2006. I'm already past my quarter life. But then, it hit me...I'm four years shy of being 30, which many say is the new 20. A friend of mine said that her "ideal age" would be 21 (already mature but still near her teens). To that, mine would be 23. I dunno why, really, but it sounds nice (labo).

I am an animation fan (huwag naman "cartoons", sounds childish...hehehehe). Yes, its true. Whether TV series or movies. But now, I am trying to watch many animation flicks as possible. And yes, I am referring to anime. I started watching anime since I was a kid; my favorites were Daimos and Candy Candy. When I got into highschool, it was Ranma 1/2. Imagine that.

But the turning point was when I first saw Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds, the first full length anime by the highly respected Hayao Miyazaki. The movie was groundbreaking that it led to the establishment of the famous Studio Ghibli, the home studio of Miyazaki and his long time friend and colleague Isao Takahata (Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday). I have managed to watch Miyazaki's other works, like the Academy Award Winning Spirited Away and Academy Award Nominated Howl's Moving Castle. But my favorite, aside from Nausicaa, is Mononoke Hime, which became one of the highest grossing movies in Japan (its popularity in the US led to the signing of the Disney-Tokuma deal). Now, we'll be looking forward to Ghibli's new film, Tales from Earthsea, directed by Goro Miyazaki. There are also other shorts.

Miyazaki and Ghibli's masterpieces will be always my favorite, but I would like to watch other works as well. One is Katsuhiro Otomo, best known for his 1988 creation, Akira. Compared to Miyazaki, Otomo's works are known to be more darker in nature. Another movie I want to watch is Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (already a sequal), shown during the 57th Cannes Film Festival Awards. It is directed by Mamoru Oishii and based on the manga by Masume Shirow. There is also a series based on the same name. Other anime movies I've seen were the ever popular Samurai X, The Vision Escaflowne and the very cool Cowboy Bebop. There are other titles out there, and obviously, I've merely scratched the surface.