Monday, November 16, 2009

Eh-hum # 289

I'm baaaaccckkk.

Yes, yes, I know it has been three months and unfortunately, I have been busy. Well, if I were more organized I would be updating my blog on a daily basis. But its good I have some free time to share that:

1) After almost two months of waiting, I finally got my grade for my comprehensive exams: I passed and got an A-. Very contented, since I was praying at least a B. Now, I can move on and start researching for my thesis topic and proposal defense.

2) Huge changes at work. Not only we have a new boss, the unit to which I belong is sort of "evolving" (I'll just leave it at that). However, some administrative concerns that may not considered as good news for most. Will be praying extra hard for order and fairness (Side note: Unnecessary drama last month. Funny and annoying how sometimes parents refuse to believe that their children, especially those who are of age, can make their own decisions. Instead, they blame it on other people and the supernatural. Puh-leeze).

3) Speaking of work, our guests from abroad will be arriving this Saturday. Hence this week is hell week. Good luck to us (our last activity which was held in September was a hit; we are drawing inspiration from that)!

4) Important lesson: It pays to be humble.

5) Election fever is here and will not go away until the votes have been tallied. Have not decided my President and VP, etc. I am waiting for a dove to descend from heaven and anoint the most fit to occupy the highest political position in the country (or I could file the whole dove thing under "never" and pray for the best. *sigh*).

6) Totally a fan of the comedy show "The Big Bang Theory". Discover your inner geek!

7) Finally, we congratulate the PACMAN for a stunning win last Saturday (Sunday local time). For a minute there, I was worried. But kudos to my brother (and resident sports analyst) for believing in the Pambansang Kamao and boldly predicting that he will triumph and get his 7th title. Glad to have witnessed a historic event. (Side note: But a suggestion to those who gets to choose who sings the Philippine National Anthem: two or three heads are not necessarily better than one. This singing group, whose name escapes me at the moment, were pretty and well dressed, but I was not impressed. Again, I can't believe they overlooked Lea Salonga for this. Well, maybe the trio works for GMA 7? That would've explained a lot. But at least, they got the lyrics right.)

Whew. That pretty much sums it up. Hopefully it won't take me another two or three months to write my next post. Oh well.