Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eh-hum # 286


What's a birthday celebration without KARAOKE/VIDEOKE?! So for your (our) enjoyment, please sing along with a moving rendition of that ultimate karaoke number, Total Eclipse of the Heart.

But wait, THERE'S MORE! This is not just any version of Bonnie Tyler's 80s hit, it's the LITERAL version that went viral just recently. Literal means the song is about the events in the music video. So, turn around bright eyes and get a load of this:


On a sadder note, the undisputed King of Pop died today at age 50. While his career was marred by erratic behavior, plastic surgeries and allegations of child abuse, Jackson will remain one of the most influential and talented entertainers of the 20th Century. Without a doubt, he was at his finest when performing his best songs and busting his best moves. And we shall remember him that way.


Eh-hum # 285

On the way to work today, I heared the radio ads by three Senators: Manny Villar, Mar Roxas and Loren Legarda. Among the three, Villar's had the most airtime (it was the longest). *Sigh* In the Philippines, it is never too early to start campaigning for the next national elections in 2010.


Methinks the most controversial issue to date is House Resolution 1109, or resolution passed at the Lower House calling for the convening of a constituent assembly (CON-ASS) to propose amendments to the Constitution without the Senate. According to the national dailies, the Supreme Court junked a petition submitted yesterday by "taxpayers" against the said resolution. The high-court called the petition premature and stating that proponents of the resolutions have yet to "perfom a positive act" (read: do anything substantial vis-a-vis CON-ASS) that would merit an intervention from the SC. True; it has been a waiting game of sorts since HR 1109 was approved.

For me, I have not seen anything concrete; perhaps that is why the rallies last week were not so popular (especially to annoyed Makati employees who had a hard time communiting), its more on noise rather than substance. Most of the time, we are left to speculate of what will the House solons (PGMA allies) will do next. According to the Speaker, they will convene after PGMA delivers her SONA next month. Personally, I am not as informed as the others on this whole CON-ASS issue; perhaps this is a good time for me (and most of the Filipinos) to study the moves of key politicians and read the dailies. As the SC ruling said, "It is not an open invitation for the ignorant and ignoble to file petitions that prove nothing but their cerebral deficit".

Hence, if we want our voices to be heard and our vigilance not wasted, our actions should be based on credible information and a good understanding of the issue at hand.


I was feeling under the weather last Sunday and yesterday. Because I went to school last Saturday, the first thing that came to mind was H1N1. I have the sniffles and am coughing a bit, but thank goodness I didn't have a fever. I am now on the road to recovery, thanks to countless glasses of pineapple juice and certain medications.

H1N1 can be fatal, but let us not forget that other equally (perhaps even more) dangerous disease, Dengue.


Good riddance to the circus that is the Hayden-Katrina Senate hearing (Great, another in-aid-of-legislation hearing gone to waste; did it help at all?). Please, let us forget about these two and tackle the issue of pronography/cybercrimes/cybersex rationally without the unnecessary drama. Moreover, please let a more credible politician handle this issue, rather than a notorious womanizer and sexist. Eh-hum.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Eh-hum # 284

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to spend time at the mall, by eating out, shopping and watching a movie. For the last item, we watched Terminator Salvation.

As you may have read, critics are divided with the movie. Moreover, many fans of the franchise did not like it because it lacked the triumvirate: James Cameron, Linda Hamilton (and her uber-cool one hand shotgun pump in T2) and the original Terminator, California's Governator. Well, Schwarzenegger, made a "cameo", but it wasn't really him, just his likeness. In addition, that was Hamilton in the tapes.

Well, for the record, I enjoyed it (for what it is). Though beautiful as he is, this is not Christian Bale's best performance. Thus, I give credit to Australian actor Sam Worthington (below) for giving the movie "heart".

After watching the film, I understood why Cameron handpicked him to be in T4 (he's the lead in Cameron's Avatar). Well, I don't know about you ladies, but I certainly don't mind seeing more of Sam in the future...hopefully mine. Eh-hum.