Monday, June 01, 2009

Eh-hum # 284

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to spend time at the mall, by eating out, shopping and watching a movie. For the last item, we watched Terminator Salvation.

As you may have read, critics are divided with the movie. Moreover, many fans of the franchise did not like it because it lacked the triumvirate: James Cameron, Linda Hamilton (and her uber-cool one hand shotgun pump in T2) and the original Terminator, California's Governator. Well, Schwarzenegger, made a "cameo", but it wasn't really him, just his likeness. In addition, that was Hamilton in the tapes.

Well, for the record, I enjoyed it (for what it is). Though beautiful as he is, this is not Christian Bale's best performance. Thus, I give credit to Australian actor Sam Worthington (below) for giving the movie "heart".

After watching the film, I understood why Cameron handpicked him to be in T4 (he's the lead in Cameron's Avatar). Well, I don't know about you ladies, but I certainly don't mind seeing more of Sam in the future...hopefully mine. Eh-hum.

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