Monday, May 18, 2009

Eh-hum # 282

Geeez, I hope I won't get persecuted for this.  But this post was inspired by an article from an alpha blog and

Many women have expressed that they "love a man in uniform".  I wonder if "uniform" also includes a priest's habit.  The answer would be, more or less, a YES, especially if the said priest looks a lot like Ewan McGregor:

(Picture is a cropped version of an Angels and Demons wallpaper.)

If the answer to that question is also a YES, then we would have a difficult time concentrating in mass (or, we have now more reasons why we should attend mass).  Not bad, eh?  Well, these priests in their dapper habits (preferably McGregor) would not only inspire the faithful to wholeheartedly celebrate mass, it is possible for them to provide inspiration to a fashion collection.  

Silly, you say? Well, it already happened, courtesy of the "Heartthrob of the Vatican", Monsignor George Gaenswein, who reportedly inspired Donatella Versace's Spring 2007 collection.  And what does Ms. Versace say about her, uh, muse? Well, she confessed (eh-hum) that she found Father Gaenswein's "austerity very elegant".  FYI, Father Gaenswein is Pope Benedict XVI's personal secretary.  And as such, he gets to decide the Pope's activity for the day, accompany him in his travels, organize the Pope's schedule, etc.

Thanks to his tall, athletic frame and dirty-blond hair (and his clerical black uniform), the monsignor has attracted the attention of the Italian public, which includes the paparazzi.  Not bad, eh? Of course, he prefers the life behind the scenes. Well, with a nickname like "Bel Giorgo", that would be quite tricky.

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