Monday, August 03, 2009

Eh-hum # 288

What would Cory do?

I join the rest of the country in expressing heartfelt condolences to the Aquino family for their loss. In addition, the country lost an icon of democracy and peace. Her regime was not perfect, it was marred by coup attempts and controversies (Mendiola Massacre, power shortages, etc.). But as we know, the transition from martial rule to civilian authority was not easy for the Filipino people, and she, a simple housewife, took the reins at a truly challenging period for the nation.

What is even more sad with the passing of former President Cory Aquino is that there are still remnants of the old martial rule walking about. I am talking about them Marcos cronies who were her political rivals. Perhaps there is some truth to that old Filipino saying, "Ang masamang damo ay matagal mamatay".

Here we go...

When things couldn't get any worse, we hear Kris Aquino-Yap(ping) thanking the Marcoses and Joseph Estrada for their support. Talking about adding insult to injury. Why am I not surprise? Let me take you back to the days when Ms. Aquino-Yap had a talk show on Channel RPN 9, when she had Bongbong Marcos as guest and her gestured distressed the former President. She also forgot the time when Tita Cory apologized to Estrada and the reaction that got from the civil society.

The Aquino family's decision to refuse MalacaƱang's offer for a state burial was their business and should be respected; hence, I was hoping they wouldn't have to explain why. Well Ms. Aquino-Yap decided to do it anyway, and unfortunately it may further divided the nation (in her logic, one of the reasons was the supposed pull-out of the former President's security details). From what I heard, some of the family members just didn't want to get involved in politics. Naive?

Reality check, from the moment politicos like Erap and other so-called Cory "friends" and "supporters" have been visiting her and hosting masses for her recovery then, it has become a vehicle for these folks for media mileage and support from the voters this coming election. Like what Mr. Cito Beltran said in his article (see link above), how ironic it is to see those trapos who have betrayed her in the past and now claim to be close friends with the family. I am not being cynical, just realistic.

If Cory can see all of this happening, what would she do? I am sad that all of these are happening at the expense of the former President's death. So Kris, don't be naive and say that your clan is "small" (compared to the current regime) and helpless and all that. Think again; these trapos and former cronies see the (politcal) potential in expressing their sadness for Tita Cory's passing. In addition, by expressing publicly your appreciation for Erap's and Marcoses' support (brrrr) and Noynoy's disappointment for a possible GMA visit, you have unwittingly made this a political issue. Again, not cynical, but realistic.

With all of this craziness, I am glad that the former President (and Ninoy) are in a better place right now.

Just tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree...

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