Thursday, December 15, 2005

Eh-hum # 78

Again, I would have to delay my piece on Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki and his works. However, this (short) post still rides on the theme of Asian films; more specifically, Asian actresses.

One of the movie being talked about is Memoirs of a Geisha, based on an internationally acclaimed novel by Arthur Golden with the same title. Many are interested to find out if the movie can match the intense storytelling of the novel. While I have not read the novel, I am very much curious about the life of one of Japan's enigmatic figures (aside from the samurai). Aside from that, I guess people are interested to see if the three Chinese actresses cast as in the lead roles can measure up. I think Gong Li can (I suddenly got interested in Farewell My Concubine), but how about Zhang Ziyi?

I think Zhang Ziyi is one lucky girl. With two movies of epic proportions under her belt (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the House of Flying Daggers) topped with obvious oriental beauty and grace (she's a dancer), I am not surprised why she was cast in the title role. However, I am not a fan of Zhang Ziyi (who actually looks like Pinoy model Nicole Hernandez), even though I think she's okay.

If there's one Chinese (Taiwanese, Hong Kong, uh, ese) that I like, its Zhao Wei. People may recognize her from the action flick So Close and the amazingly funny Shaolin Soccer. I first saw her opposite Andy Lau in this martial artsy-period movie. I would say she is uniquely beautiful, thanks to her expressive almond-shaped eyes and full lips. Moreover, she has worked with a number of popular Chinese leading men and has managed to measure up to their intensity or quirkiness (good examples are, again, Andy Lau and funnyman Stephen Chow). Like most Chinese/Taiwanese actresses, she has an album. I think the lady has a lot more to offer acting-wise being a well-loved personality, aside from being exquisite and "giga-dorable". Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of her in the big screen outside Asia.

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Another thing, Japan's entertainment industry should consider promoting its actresses in the near future. I am sure, they have some talents worthy of international attention.

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