Friday, December 09, 2005

Eh-hum # 77

I was suppose to write something about Hayao Miyazaki and his second Oscar nomination, but the events that occured yesterday and the day before that were too important to be ignored. Plus, the controversy is begging for an opinion. I am all for investigations on the alleged poll fraud in the 2004 elections; being someone who is rendering her services to this institution, it would be for my peace of mind whether or not my efforts are putting into good use by the Government. Moreover, I would like to contribute to the improvment of our country, in terms of national defense and security.

Here goes...

While I have no hard evidence to prove it, it is somehow inherently understood that politicans cheat every elections. I hate to admit it, perhaps Erap was one of those who most likely did not cheat. However, he won base on his popularity as a movie actor, not because he has the political will to become the coutry's top leader. I refuse to believe that this drinking, womanizing, gambling and "pa-godfather effect" individual is the right person for the job. In this case, since PGMA is not the popular one in the last elections, it is possible that she rigged the results. On the one hand, you could say that the campaign machinery of the Lakas-NUCD is no match to the obviously divided Opposition. There are a lot of explanations why PGMA won, whether analytical in nature or just simply that she cheated. The leaders may change in every elections, but one thing is constant: nobody loses in elections; they were cheated.

The "Hello Garci" controversy raised questions on PGMA's legality as the Philippine's leader and caused the creation of several organizations to 1) call for her resignation, 2) go to streets for her ouster, 3) file impeachment complaints and 4) just want the truth to be told (whatever that means, really). As expected, this is a wonderful opportunity for the Opposition to gloat, and perhaps for some of the PGMA's allies to switch places not really based on principle, but on saving their assess if and when her administration crumbles. Its unfortunate to say that the people in Congress prefer more to attend hearings and show-off rather than see to it that their constituents are getting their services. This is basically what I saw in the hearings.

If I compare the hearings in the House and Senate, I think the latter was more progressive. In the House, the congressmen, particularly in the Opposition, did not get much from Garci, who can be described as a veteran bureaucrat or just simply a really good liar. I for one am a little confuse with the purpose of the hearing; it wasn't about wiretapping, it was about the election fraud (maybe ANC should change their headlines as the House hearings progress, or not) by PGMA. I got this impression through the questioning of Rep. Alan Cayetano, who was not really interested with the wiretapping issue (how and why the alleged conversation was recorded) as he decided to show rigged ERs and his other evidence and demanded Garci to explain (again, he did not get any). Focus people! Though I know they are connected, but just one step at a time, are all too excited to kick La Gloria (term used by Maximo Soliven) out of office.

The Senate seems to have more progress. Sen. Biazon has somehow kept this more organized; he explained that the hearing was to know how and why the Commander-in-Chief was wiretapped and who did it. Unfortunately, the wily Garci was absent, but COMELEC Chair Abalos was there to answer their queries. The Senators behaved themselves, with the exception of Jinggoy Estrada who simply repeated the questions raised by Franklin Drilon. I somehow felt sorry to the Shariah judge that took a beating in the hearing. He was obviously not prepared to answer the questions of the Senators (and Jinggoy’s “panunuya”; very unprofessional); but he should have just said the truth. On the other hand, the Senators did not faze Abalos, who kept his cool the whole time.

There were the things I was thinking while listening to the hearings:

1. Grandstanding politicians. Not really asking relevant questions; but just wanting to say something, anything in the hearings;
2. Who cares where Garci has been. What’s important that he is here now and answering our questions;
3. The idea the President is the ONLY one who cheated in the elections. HELLO? It does not mean just because you belong to the Opposition, you have clean hands;
4. The relevance of these hearings. We’ve had hearings on Jueteng, Ping’s Drug “Addiction” and Triad Activities, Pidal Case, Kuratong Baleleng…and NOTHING HAPPENED. Am beginning to think that these hearings are just an excuse to have free catered lunch and instant photo ops;
5. The “para sa taong bayan” line from the politicians is losing its appeal and sincerity;
6. How are the solon’s pork barrels; and
7. What the hell is the First Couple thinking?

As PGMA's ratings drop (again, why am not included in this survey?), anything that she does now will be disregarded. Coming clean will be difficult (and I doubt that she will) and by some divine intervention that she did rigged the elections, she should succumb herself to the law. And I am now praying for a more suitable leader to replace her as the Opposition will have a grand time "suggesting" who should.

Hope that made any sense. Next time, Miyazaki. Whew.

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