Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Eh-hum # 229

Its April! Which means I will be 28, really soon.

Now it's a good time for me to get my act together and seriously consider plans for the next five years. I'm really an easygoing person by nature, so this will take a lot of work. But I guess, it will be worth it. As they say, daig ng maagap ang masipag.


In other news, I'm feeling not so fine. Not because I'm ill, but my partner-in-crime is.

Yes, my one and a half year old Acer notebook went bonkers this morning, leaving me really nervous. Its only 0900, which means I have to wait for an hour before I could bug my friendly neighborhood tech support.

I hope (and pray) that this little mishap has nothing to do with the fact that yesterday morning, I decided to upgrade my RAM, or DDR2 as they call it nowadays, to 1 GB. I checked my notebook's specs/user guide, and it says that I can expand its memory up to 2 GB. And I also hope (and pray) that if there is something wrong, it won't affect my files, especially my pictures and my school data/research materials.

Will keep my fingers crossed. Haaaayy.

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