Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eh-hum # 230

I am happy to announce my laptop is doing just fine.

This little incident made me more critical of the programs I want to install as well as the capacity of my HDDs. My friendly neighborhood tech support, uh, dude, told me that I should leave 1/4 of the total size of my HDD free to prevent it from crashing.

And we seriously don't want that.


I got this picture from a popular blog, and deemed it to be connected to the protests that marred the Beijing Olympics 2008's torch relay. I thought the caption for the said photograph was pretty funny.

But what is NOT funny are the controversies hounding the said torch relays. Its a pity that sensitive and political issues such as the case with Tibet and Darfur got intertwined with historic events like the Olympic Games (which aims to promote peace and brotherhood among nations through sports). It could not be helped I guess, since this year China is the host and the urgency of the said issues.

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