Monday, March 24, 2008

Eh-hum # 228

Me (aspiring kick-ass intellectual/policymaker): 0
Ditsy "valley girls"/trophy wives/mistresses: 1

So what is this about? Really don't want to elaborate, but its a self-esteem issue, again. Or, why sometimes (or often) young ladies who take the "easy" way out (eh-hum. wink, wink) tend to get ahead of those wanting to add more integrity into their lives by taking the road less traveled?

OMG, we live in an odd, unfair world. And a couple of weeks ago, everything that I ever believed in was challenged by this little saying from (uh-oh) my late grandfather: "Masmabuti na maraming kang pera, kesa abakada". And as of the moment, that's me.


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