Friday, October 19, 2007

Eh-hum # 208

Great, just what we need, a potential terror attack.

At first, the blast that ripped through 2 to 3 floors and left a crater at the Glorietta 2 Mall in Makati (a major business district in the country) was caused by an LPG tank exploding coming from a certain restaurant's storage room. However, the PNP clarified that it was caused by a "hard explosive", implying it to be a deliberate attack (nonetheless, authorities also said that the explosion was further exacerbated by exploding LPG tanks from nearby establishments). Update: PNP findings say the explosion was an accident because of the structure of the basement and the (explosive) gases that accumulated.

Now we know the what, the PNP will now the determine the why, how and the who. The explosion left 8 people dead and hundreds with (minor to fatal) injuries. Ayala Land, the owner of Glorietta and other major malls in Makati, have agreed to shoulder the hospital bills of the victims.

As if on cue, the ever opportunistic politicians (a bunch of mostly certified know-it-alls) of the country (administration, but especially those from the opposition) gave the bombing a political angle. Can't we just deal with the facts or let the authorities do their investigation first before we start flooding the media with unfounded speculations and so-called intelligent guesses? Sigh, this is the problem when everyone in the country feels/thinks he or she is smarter than their peers. If our politicians are so frickin' smart, why are we still poor?

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