Friday, October 12, 2007

Eh-hum # 207

For Pinoys only...unless you have a strong bond/affinity with the Philippines/Filipino people, you may proceed.

FRIENDS! I have an IMPORTANT announcement!

Meet Marco Torres; and

Noel M. Novicio.

Both are Filipinos living and working in China. Why you may ask they're featured in me blog. Well, Marco and Noel are being considered to be two of the eight(?) torchbearers in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. That is, if they get enough votes. Hence, I am doing my part by featuring them here. I want them to be part of such a prestigious event and YOU should too. If both (or at least, either one of them) will have the opportunity to run in the streets of Beijing and carry one of the enduring symbols of the Olympcis, it will be for the whole Filipino nation and very good for morale (by the way, while late, Congratulations to PACMAN for proving that his first win against the Babyface Assasin was NO fluke. Congrats also to Michael Farinas).

There is an online poll and we must vote, vote and VOTE!!! Let us prove that we not only get our way through texting, but through the information superhighway as well. Log on the Internet and get busy. For Marco, visit For Noel, visit (Or if these don't work, look for them in Google).

Pinoys (and friends), spread the word!

Yun lang, heheh.

(pictures also from their respective webpages)

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