Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Eh-hum # 31


Its November ladies and gentleman! Notice how 6:00 am still looks like 5:00 am, or the nights started to get a little more breezy? Of course, don’t forget the department store sales (Finally, I was able to buy a nice pair of Giordano khaki pants for half the price). Christmas is definitely in the air. I just hope our pockets can take the pressures of the coming holiday season.

For interested parties, its official: last 28 October 2004, I enrolled at the Ateneo De Manila University for my Masteral degree. I will be taking 6 units this semester and hopefully both of the subjects will be on a Saturday (yep, still negotiating for a schedule. However, I won’t mind if it will be after office hours, thanks to the Purple Line). In fairness, the registration process went smoothly and I finished everything around 9:30 am. After that, my parents and I had lunch at Max’s Restaurant in Katipunan. I definitely would not pass up a free, scrumptious meal.

I really don’t want to dwell on how I came up with the decision, since I don’t want to compare school (or maybe, I didn’t pass UP? Heheh, I forgot to call them up last 29 October, so I would not know). However, let me just say that I'm confident I made the right choice, even though it is a thesis program (for those who really know me: a repeat perhaps?). Honestly, I am excited with this new endeavor and looking forward to the knowledge and opportunities that comes with the program. However, I am also worried about the possibility of time management difficulties, so I would have to organize my work and my studies.


Over the weekend (during the UNDAS celebration), I was able to spend some quality time with the television. I was able to watch this movie that I would consider a favorite of mine:
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993). Judging from the title, it’s a movie about the life of 1960’s-70’s Hong Kong martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. Eh-hum, though amazing as he is, I am not here to talk about the legendary Bruce but another Lee who played him in the mentioned movie: Jason Scott Lee (nope, no relation). I thought Jason made a stellar performance in this movie, and looked pretty hot while doing it (yep, sporting the “ripped but not too bulky” look). Like Zang Ziyi and “Come Drink With Me” star (for those who watches Discovery Channel), Pei-pei Cheng, Jason Scott Lee is also a dancer and has no kung fu training when he took this role. I bet the flexibility helped him execute those mind-blowing martial arts moves. Though critics say he has leading man potential, I read that he’d rather take supporting roles and pursue a career on the stage (he plays the Thai King in "The King and I").

If you get to see this movie and enjoyed Jason Scott Lee’s acting (or his physique), you should also check out 1994’s
The Jungle Book, where Jason plays the (adult) Mowgli, the Indian youth raised by wolves. He’s cute here.

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