Thursday, November 04, 2004

Eh-hum # 32

Thanks to jac for this survey.

[Shampoo and Conditioner]: At present, I am using Head and Shoulders. I rarely use a conditioner, but if I do, it’s Cream Silk.
[Bags]: I prefer big bags. I am using my ESPRIT bag for work. I am saving up for a nice UCB backpack or a shoulder bag. Also, I have 2 big Old Navy bags.
[T-shirts]: Giordano ever. I buy my blouses at SM Dept. Store.
[Pants]: Slacks for the office at SM Dept. Store, khakis or denims either Hang Ten or Giordano. Being “well-rounded”, I might try Tubby.
[Lotion]: Jergens lotion.
[Shoes]: Ohrelle or Cardams. I am still using my 2-year-old Addidas rubber shoes and my since-high-school Skechers. I have these nice black KEDS that I use for work.
[Facial cleanser]: Pond’s facial wash.
[Make-up]: No make-up, just Chapstick.
[Wallet]: I’m using my Hang Ten wallet (a gift from a lovely friend). However, I am thinking of buying a new one, perhaps Girbaud?
[Pens]: PILOT!!
[Cell phone]: Am using a cute Nokia 5210.
[Underwear]: Triumph and SO-EN.
[Watch]: I have two Swatch watches and my mom’s Gucci that needs new batteries.
[Pillow Case/Bed sheet]: My mom’s hand me downs (but are in good condition).
[Furniture]: No idea, but our house if filled with NARRA-made furniture.
[Caps]: Rarely wear a cap or hat. If I do, I borrow from my brother.
[Magazines]: Time Magazine. We also have a collection of National Geographic Magazines.[Books]: Nothing specific. But I am trying to collect all of JRR Tolkien’s works. I really need to visit Power Books soon.
[Chocolate]: KITKAT!!!
[Candy]: I am more of a gum person: Juicy Fruit, Orbit, etc.
[Medicine]: I try to take Vitamin E everyday.
[Popcorn]: Not really a fan of popcorn. Prefer Junk food.
[Cologne/Perfume]: Victoria’s Secret Garden (Love Spell) among other scents.
[Swimwear]: I CAN’T SWIM!!!
[Jewelry]: Earrings and necklace only. I wear bracelets on special occasions.
[Sunglasses]: I have these Penshoppe sunglasses.
[Computer]: Clone desktop PC that has a COMPAQ keyboard and LG monitor.
[Drink (Alcoholic)]: Mule and Bailey’s.
[Drink (Non-alcoholic)]: Water and iced tea.
[Soap]: Dove soap.
[Automobile]: God-willing, I’d like a SUV Jeep or Volkswagen.
[Fuel/Gasoline]: I prefer diesel.
[Restaurant]: Nothing in particular, as long as it’s clean and the food’s great.
[Dessert]: Belgian Waffle or simple sorbetero ice cream.
[Coffee]: Starbucks (Café Mocha with double shots of Espresso).
[Printer]: Canon bubble jet.

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