Monday, October 25, 2004

Eh-hum # 30

My 30th post! ALRIGHT! Why am I so glad about this? Well, I thought I will be too lazy (or too busy) to share my thoughts on this here blog. But as it turns out, I am doing fine, even though I average around 2 to 3 posts a week (hehehe, maybe even less). A new look eh? What say you? Hmmmm. I thought a change would be nice. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I shall make this a lengthier (and hopefully, a more interesting) post.


After weeks of planning, coordinating with former professors and present supervisors, downloading some important documents and spending time out of the office, I am now qualified to take my graduate studies this second semester. I wanted to take my Masters earlier this year but due to the lack of funds, I was obliged to change my plans. I had to keep it a secret, rather, I decided to work it out quietly and mentioning it only to a few close friends. They say that the more you disclose any future plans, the more unlikely it will be fulfilled. FYI, I was able to submit the requirements last 27 September 2004, 3 days till deadline. Whew.

I applied for both UP and ADMU and the courses were quite similar. I am proud to say that I was accepted into ADMU, excited at the idea that I will be definitely starting this semester. However, I have yet to know the results of all the tests and the interview I had in UP. They were to announce the results late this week, which unfortunately, falls on ADMU’s enrolment schedule. Nonetheless, I still intend to contact UP for the results.

Honestly, the last two weeks has been confusing. If accepted to both universities, it will be a problem where to enroll. I consider both institutions excellent in their own right. More importantly, I believe that the courses I will take will grant me a higher level of competence and will enable me to define my chosen career path. I should point out that my decision will not be based on the tuition fees of the universities, which are (clearly) distinct. I am after the working environment, what the department can offer me and my performance as a graduate student. Education, I believe in some ways, is an investment. My family has been helping out in this decision. The funny thing is, when I think about this predicament, I realized it is not clear yet if I am going to be accepted in UP. We will wait and see and I will humbly share my decision before or after this coming weekend.


I was surfing the Internet when I remembered a funny site an (former) office mate showed me back in 2001. The site is home to a series of flash animation that features the life of a weird yet lovable character named Mr. Boomba. Not sure if you have heard of this but it’s worthwhile to check it out. Here’s the link: Enjoy!

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Jax said...

nakadecide ka na, dude? next week na enrollment di ba?