Monday, October 18, 2004

Eh-hum # 29

How Timely.....

Just when I was sharing some (unhealthy?) thoughts on the Songbird, now here comes another concern raised by the televiewers. Yeah, I agree. I noticed how often Regine wears those, eh-hum, revealing gowns that does not exactly complements her (surgically enhanced) body. How about that haute-couture? In Zsa Zsa's case, i find her gowns for "Star in a Million" more sophisticated so she should've stick to that. Lady, you're not in your late 20's anymore.

Why is that some women have to wear something short, "binding" (thanks to Cher), sheer and revealing shirts, dresses or gowns to be considered SEXY? How you seen the movie Disclosure starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore? Demi was wearing a corporate suit and she looks exceptionally sexy even though she was practically covered up. I personally think that being sexy has something to do with a person's attitude and the way she or he carries herself/himself. Showing off that much skin does not mean someone is sexy. In the case of Pinoy sexy star wannabes and starlets, it is definitely downright salacious and not in a bit sexy. More like nauseating. Unfortunately, many chauvinistic pigs don't know the difference.

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Jax said...

you know what that's called, con? what made demi moore so sexy there? that's called confidence. and if you've got that, then you don't need to wear all those revealing gowns.

i agree about zsazsa though. she wears all those clothes na feeling niya kasing-age niya ang anak niya. mas conservative pa ang anak niya sa kanya eh. she should already know by now that clothes don't make a person sexy, it's the attitude and the personality.

Congrats pala! are you going to attend ADMU or are you gonna wait for the UP decision muna?