Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Eh-hum # 24

Bawal Magkasakit.

It has been more than two weeks since my last entry and I have a very good reason why I was unable to update my BLOG: I was sick for the last 5 days.

So, why was I sick? I got sick because of my brother, got too close and then caught whatever virus he has. I obviously have low resistance at the time, so it was no surprise that I find myself lying beside my brother getting some "motherly" treatment the following day.

For 5 days, I was not eating properly, therefore eating less of everything. This is not a good thing, believe me, because I lost my sense of taste and even had some problem chewing my food. Being unable to savor your food is a BAD, BAD THING. Part of enjoying your meal is its taste, without it, what’s the point of eating? Since I can’t eat, my stomach's usually empty. When I do eat something, it acts up, leaving me with this nauseating feeling. Also, I couldn’t drink as much water as I wanted to since my stomach was empty.

Then my temperature skyrocketed, and I can even feel the heat rising from my eyes, face and hands. It was amazingly uncomfortable and with all that body heat, you can’t sleep properly. I thought I was going to burst into flames (Okay, so maybe that’s too much imagination). Also, I cannot stay directly in front of the air-conditioner to cool down for the fear of getting even sicker.

Lastly, since I would spend the whole day resting, my whole body hurts, especially my back. I also had a hard time sleeping because I am constantly searching for a comfortable sleeping position; this of course, adds pressure to my back.

Being sick leaves your body battered and doing the simpliest task can be tiring. Hence, I rather come to work everyday and be completely well then stay home drinking tons and tons of medicines and eating some mush. I wouldn’t mind staying at home to enjoy some quality TV time, but I definitely don’t want to be sick.

Now, am feeling better than last week, but my taste buds are still on the road to recovery.

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Jax said...

yikes! glad you're feeling much better now, dude!