Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Eh-hum # 25

I FEEL....

Amazed. Can you believe Oprah? The other day, she gave her audience PONTIAC CARS each!!! Let me just repeat that....SHE GAVE AWAY PONTIAC CARS TO MEMBERS OF HER AUDIENCE!!! I cannot believe the influence this lady has, that even a major car company cannot say NO. Just when you thought all those books, clothes and food are cool enough, she had to give her audience cars. No wonder she's America's highest paid talk show host. Wish we are thisclose.

Appalled. Eugene Armstrong. A normal American finds himself in Iraq at the worst possible time. He's one of the three Westerners to be taken hostage by Iraqi insurgents. Last Monday, he was beheaded. I cannot imagine the pain this incident brought to his family. According to
CNN correspondents, it was a gruesome sight and the sounds are even worse. I don't have the stomach for this since I know the images will haunt me for the rest of my life. Now, reports say that another American and second of the hostages, Jack Hensley, fell to the same fate. The last of the hostages, a British named Kenneth Bigley, must be praying really hard that his life will be spared. This, of course, is hoping against hope. We know the Bush and Blair governments have chosen not to negotiate with the terrorists. Death of military officers are somewhat expected (and often denotes heroism), but the senseless death of a civilian is unbearable.

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