Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Eh-hum # 23


Hello! I just realized that this week is also the first week of September. It’s the BER season, which means that Christmas is just around the corner, which is about 4 months. Heck, time flies while you’re having fun, or at least busy with something. IN FAIRNESS, busy ako. This is not, as my officemate says, A.I.D.S. (as if doing something). Busy for work and that other plan. Will share it when the time comes.

The BASH (hehehehe)

I was able to watch the Buzz last Sunday, and I thought John Lapuz made an impressive impersonation of Kris Aquino.

Speaking of Kris, I find Mark Lapid funny, if not foolish. I mean, am surprised that while Pampanga is very much affected by the recent floods, its dikes about to give way and the huge number of people homeless, he has time to comment on the issue that he two-timed Kris Aquino. In the love game, Ms Aquino should be extra careful of struggling actors, politicians and/or actors who plan to run for office. Her lineage and people skills pretty much says it all.

There’s this particular segment of the show that I try to catch. It used to be called “Stop Me”, now it’s named as “Nakakata-Quote”. Honestly, I don’t know which title is better. The segment features showbiz personalities that are, um, let’s just as say, has no knack for the English language. Barok, ika nga. Yep, pretty degrading stuff here, but since I am EVHUL, I find it damn entertaining. And I notice, the usual victims of the segment are sexy starlets. Uh-huh, those girls (and sometimes guys) in their late teens and early twenties who decided to make easy money by showing way too much skin. Obviously, since they didn’t prioritize their education (and whatever values that were taught to them), they lack the, uh, skills to effectively communicate, therefore they miserably fail in their attempt to sound “sosyal”. Ladies, there’s nothing wrong speaking in Filipino. Ang paggamit ng Filipino ay hindi nangangahulugan na mababa and iyong pinag-aralan. Mas importante na malinaw mong mailahad ang mga (makabuluhang) kwento’t ideya mo. Oh well, there’s a problem in showbusiness: You can’t enjoy success as yourself.

What say you?

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