Monday, August 30, 2004

Eh-hum # 22

“Class struggles”

Nope, will not talk about communism here. I was watching TV last Saturday night and switched to the local channels. Imbestigador’s topic was about the living (barely) conditions of the poorer population of the country, mostly the squatters. I think the title of the episode was “Yagit”.

The episode’s aim was to generate sympathy among the televiewers or raise awareness of their difficult lives. I am saddened by their situation, really. But, I am pissed at their attitude and how they would blame everybody BUT themselves for their hardships. To be honest, I have little concern to those people who would lie in the streets all day than those who put some effort and try to earn a living. I am also appalled by the tendencies of the typical “masa male” to squander what little money they have on cigarettes, gambling, booze and women when they should be feeding their families. Furthermore, I don’t understand that given their present state, they have more than 3 children, some reaching to a dozen. What is it, carnal needs over practicality? Or more manpower? I hate it when they send their children on the streets to work while they stay at home to wait. Also, being poor is NOT AN EXCUSE NOT TO KEEP YOUR SORROUNDINGS CLEAN. Everything time I go to work, I pass at this particular district which used to be a sprawling business center (clue: there stands a revered church). Now, its home to perhaps, hundreds of squatters who badly needs a lesson (a course even) on waste management and hygiene. I would suggest that the place should be evacuated and burned to the ground to sanitize it. Afterall, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Worst of all, these people do not pay taxes and politicians, especially during election time, are prioritizing them over those who are shouldering everything. Their huge numbers and destitute conditions are a sweet talking, re-electionist’s dream, and the taxpayer’s nightmare. Biased? Can afford to say all these things because I am not in the same position? The thing is, my parents came from humble beginnings too, but that did not stop them to stay that way for the rest of their lives. Hard work, efficiency, honesty and faith in God paid off (with love, of course). These people need to help themselves and not totally depend on others. The government could teach them or provide them with basic things. From there, they will have to make most of what was taught and what was given. I guess they were hasty in thinking that life in the city was better compared to their hometown, considering that they have very little money and formal education. Obviously, they are too trusting of people who coaxed them to come here. These so-called friends pretend to help them, and then eventually exploit them. On the other hand, I do hope that those greedy officials from the provinces where these people came from are watching and absorbing every minute of it.

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