Friday, August 27, 2004

Eh-hum # 21

Back to work.

The storm (or no storm) has passed and am back at work. While some areas of the country are still flooded, it has become manageable here in the metropolis. Especially if your family owns a vehicle with big wheels. The heavy rains and floods gave the work force 2 days of rest, however, staying at home can be a bit boring. However, thanks to the TV and a good book, it wasn’t so bad.

Speaking of TV, I was able to catch Ranma ½, which is a favorite of mine. This series is absolutely HILARIOUS. I doubt if anyone has not heard of it since it was based on the popular manga with the same title during the early 1990’s (I think). It rides on this unusual idea of mostly teen-aged martial artists turning into something else when poured with cold water and returning to “normal” with hot water (due to this Chinese spring). Of course, the show also talks about love and romance, even in the strangest circumstances. While it is funny, its humor is NOT applicable to kids. Before, I was thinking of buying a compilation of the series (as well as Ruoruoni Kenshin and Gundam Wing), especially its OVAs. Wonder where to look? Hmmmm…

Pork Diet.

The country is in a fiscal crisis according to the President, while her economic team says it isn’t so. Am no Economist and I don’t know what a fiscal crisis is, but it definitely sounds BAD. And what contributes to this is the HUGE debt and rampant GRAFT. Of course, let’s not ignore the continuous increase in fuel prices, which has a domino effect on almost everything with commercial value. What are we to do?!?

Save, save, save. Waste not, want not. Haste is Waste. Conserve energy. Pay your taxes according to the law. This is something both the people and the government should do.

And then there’s the controversial pork barrel.

From what I understand, it’s the funds used by our esteemed(????) leaders, solons and magistrates for their projects. I wonder who gave that name? It’s the subject of much scrutiny, asking if they are really using it for the benefit of the majority, especially the taxpayers. Well, I guess judging from all that Lexus, Mercedes, BMWs, mansions, prime lots, escort service (hyuk), etc, the answer is a resounding MAYBE….actually, a couple of notches from NO.

The solution? Give up the barrel (last paragraph please).
9 Senators said they are willing to take only 50% of the total, while the others seem to be clueless. Others are demanding that they should cut everything, as in totally eradicate the funds. I bet its not going to be easy, and some of them might get a heart attack just thinking about it. Waitaminute. Too much pork fat leads to high blood and then the risk of heart failure. Diet anyone?

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Jax said...

They should really abolish na the pork barrel thing, instead of harassing the people about something that the politicians caused. Like what Winnie Monsod said, to save the country, sacrifices have to be made by everyone, from executives to masses. And that should include politicians.