Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Eh-hum # 20


MY 20th POST!!! Isn’t it grand? Just when I thought I won’t be able to update my blog at least once a week. Whew.

Today it started out ok, until it rained, rained and rained. The result? Floods in the big city. Since our Exalta is hardly amphibious, we decided to turn back. As anticipated, classes are suspended, my brother at home while my sister at her dorm. It’s a relief that the higher authorities decided to suspend work today, though I couldn’t say the same for the private sector. However, I whished I had brought home some stuff from the office so I wouldn’t missed our deadline (yes, I AM SERIOUS). After four hours upon our return, it’s still raining. And guess what? No storm. Is this erratic change in weather patterns are caused by global warming and pollution? We better do something or else…

Lethal combination: cool weather, nice couch and TV. And finally, I get to watch OPRAH. Though am no super fan, but I think she’s one smart lady and has good taste. I think she’s one of those few celebrities who loves to read (while others are partying way too hard and getting arrested on the process). I would like to be an audience in her show and get all those cool giveaways (I remembered she gave her audience rubber shoes, Reebok I think), the free taste and the books. Aaaahhh, the books that are recommended by her Book Club. The Oprah’s Book Club was put on hold for a pretty long time, am not sure why, then it was revived for the summer (U.S. time). The book that brought back the club was The East of Eden by John Steinbeck. The only book I’ve read with the club’s nod was White Oleander. That was a good read.

I am no book critic, but I usually say if I find a book good or bad. I like to read and I wouldn’t mind spending the whole afternoon just reading. Unfortunately, since books are not cheap and work leaves me bushed, I don’t get to read, or buy books, as much as I want. I have a small collection of books, some of them are required readings at school but good nonetheless (yep, including the Good Earth, believe it or not). However, I am trying to make time. Now, I am reading Wild Swans (The Three Daughters of China). It’s about three generations of women, their loved ones and their struggles before and after the Cultural Revolution in China. It’s sort of an authobiographical and historical novel. It’s poignant at the same time highly informative (especially on details of Mao’s rule). I bought the book because I am also interested in stories about women and how they deal the challenges of living in a particular society in a given period.

I want to buy so many things and a great part of it are books. Why do I like to read. I can’t say, words fail me (maybe jac can help me out, hweheh).

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