Monday, August 23, 2004

Eh-hum # 19


I think it's a tad late for me to talk about the Olympics, however, I discovered something that I considered inspirational. It was 1936 and Berlin was the host of the Summer Olympics. By the way, during this time, Hitler was the leader of Germany. According to LIFE, the dictator intended to use the Games as a tool for Aryan (race) Supremacy. However, this wasn't realized because an African-American athlete named Jesse Owens dominated the track events when he won 4 GOLD MEDALS. While the German athletes treated him well, Hitler refused to shake his hand (sore loser). Here's a pic of Owens in fighting form from LIFE. Moral of the story is: 1) never let others put you down and 2) don't underestimate the capabilities of others. Galing noh?

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