Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eh-hum # 251

1. My simple take on the race to the White House:

“Tina Fey with a moose gun”

That’s one way of describing Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential hopeful for the Republicans, Sarah Palin. Although, I am not sure if both ladies found the depiction amusing, I sure did (by the way, found it in Mr. John Nery’s opinion column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, September 9, 2008).

Many have expressed concern for Barack Obama’s inexperience for the US presidency. Well, their fears are not unsubstantiated; the most powerful leader in the world would also have to muster a great deal of political will, discretion and acumen in order to handle challenges and tribulations within and outside the US. Experience would direct the US commander-in-chief towards the best and feasible decision for US interests. Experience is necessary, but a lot of it does not necessarily make one an effective leader. The future US president should also be tolerant and earnest.

Between the two, Obama would be more of the last point. Moreover, I think he is more capable bringing people together, regardless of race (“there is no Black America, or White America; there is only the United States of America). No offense to John McCain, he is what we call in Philippine politics as “trapo”, or traditional politician. McCain has the experience, but I doubt he can convince people that he is significantly different from Bush. And unfortunately his running mate, pretty and likeable as she is, is not free from criticisms. Palin’s acceptance speech at the recently held Republican National Convention brought the house down, but it became a target due to some inconsistencies. Then there’s the issue of Palin’s 17-year-old pregnant, unwed daughter, which is said to be opposed to the Republicans’ policy on family values (being underage, unmarried and pregnant, I mean).

The government is not made up one person. While the head honcho (President) would have to have the determination to pursue policies that would be beneficial (even though unpopular at the beginning), he or she would be supported by experts on areas of public service. Obama may not have a thick record of governments he has run, but he has the vision and strategy. To achieve this, he and his “chosen ones” would have to work smart and work hard. And guess what, the Americans would also have to lend him a hand (remember what the late JFK said: “Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”).

I may be called naïve for choosing Obama over McCain, but in these trying times, it wouldn’t hurt to be sanguine; how else are you going to move forward? The challenge now for Obama is to put in detail his promise to the American people and to attest once and for all that he is more than just stirring rhetoric.

Yes, if I am able to do so, will vote Democrat.

2. On Pinoy movies

EH-HUM!!!! Let me congratulate KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez for the success of their movie, For the First Time. Its performance at the box office proved the following (and perhaps more, feel free to add):

a. Majority of the Filipinos are hopeless romantics;

b. Movies with titles based on love songs/ballads will do well (we have shortage on quality movie titles);

c. Majority of our films are vehicle for young stars. Or, its all about the actors/love teams, the story plays second fiddle. Or, nevermind if the story's crap as long as you have the kilig factor going on;

d. Casting (in general) needs improvement;

e. Romance, in movies, only involves beautiful people; and

f. We should really, truly, and indubitably support Pinoy indie films.

Wonder if GMA Films will provide a different approach. Oh wait, the second KC-Richard flick will be shown on Valentines' Day next year. Eh-hum.

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