Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eh-hum # 237

Before I share thoughts on life/work and a couple of pictures, let me dedicate this post to two interesting entries made by Ms Jessica Zafra in her blog:
1. "Geek History"
"Are nerds born or are they made? Now that geeks rule tech companies, lead billionaire lists, and are the auteurs, subjects and stars of Judd Apatow movies, has it become cool to be a nerd? Even people who must’ve been popular in high school now claim that they were nerds. If everyone was a teenage outcast, then who cast them out?
I do not like these belated claims of membership in the tribe.
Here’s an interview with Benjamin Nugent, author of American Nerd." ; and
2. "Children are not PC."
"Panchito (not his real name) and his six-year-old son boarded the elevator in their building. There were two other passengers on the lift: a middle-aged Australian and his young Filipina wife. The Australian was a friendly sort–he looked at Panchito’s son and boomed, “Hello! How old are you?”
“I’m six,” the little boy replied.
“You’re too big to be a six-year-old!” the friendly Australian said.
“You’re too old to have a yaya (nanny),” the little boy said.
Panchito was unable to take note of the Australian’s reaction, or that of his wife. He was too busy looking for an elevator shaft he could throw himself into."
1. So, are the nerds brining sexy back? Maybe not entirely, but I did noticed that nerd is the new cool. I also have met a few claiming to be nerds back in high school, but were obviously the cheerleaders, prom queens and the jocks. What's up with these airheads? Even though they are the center of attention (and people are supposedly dying to be like them), they are also in a perpetual state of trying to fit in (pretending to be somebody they are NOT). Revenge of the nerds indeed.
While I am not that smart, I would consider myself as a nerd. In GS/HS, I was very much into cartoons (i.e. anime), fantasy films, thriller/horror novels (Christopher Pike), encyclopedias and National Geographic magazines. Yeah, I remember a few of my classmates gave me an unflattering nickname, which I thought it was pretty nasty. I may be a weird girl, but at least I have always been true to myself. Rather be a nerd than a poser. ;)
2. Yep, a bonafide "the Emperor's New Clothes" moment right here, a child stating the the obvious that we adults dare not talk about out loud. Funny, this was a topic of conversation between me and my Indonesian friend back in Japan. You know, the observation that Westerners tend to marry, uh, not so pretty local girls. Nothing wrong with that, of course, everybody deserves to be happy (or married).
Its just that, well, you know...why?
Maybe...its just me.

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