Monday, March 03, 2008

Eh-hum # 225

Its March already! How time flies when you're having, uh, fun.

Forgive me, I haven't been out lately so there is nothing really much to talk about, or to write about. As I've said, I have been busy lately and I am just looking forward to next week because everything (I hope) will be back to normal. I am thankful for my grad studies to counter the boredom (or urge to slack-off) I have been experiencing lately.

Moreover, it helps that your friends would give words of encouragement. I sometimes felt embarrassed that my "problems" were not really that important, and yet that didn't prevent them from sharing good advise or encouraging thoughts. :)


Also, I have The Sims Life Stories to amuse myself and to keep me from going insane. Speaking of this game, for those who are familiar with it, notice when Sims interact with one another they speak using their own language called "Simlish". Designers of the game felt it would be impractical to use a real language for the Sims' every day dialogue, so they invented one. I find it amusing that Simlish took its roots from fractured Ukranian and, get this, Tagalog. Tagalog is one of the major languages used in the Philippines, and it is similar (almost identical) to the official/national language, Filipino.

Pretty neat, huh? It would've been cooler if I actually understood Simlish, but I guess that's a little too much. Hehehehe.

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