Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eh-hum # 199

In three weeks time, I will be on my way back home.

I am dead excited. But quite stressed out with all the last-minute shopping, research work (yes, I should've done this last August. But I was busy...frolicking in Hiroshima and Kyushu. Hay) and packing. I hope I can have my balikbayan box shipped by next week, so that I won't have any problems with my luggage. Packing is proving to be tiresome and time-consuming; forgive me if in the next weeks I won't be able to update me blog. Most likely, my 200th post will be typed from the comfort of my bedroom in the Philippines.


Watching TV the other night proved to be a treat; I saw Utada Hikaru perform one of her latest singles, Beautiful World, live. More good news: I can actually understand some of the lyrics. Heh, those Japanese lessons are starting to pay off. The said song is the ending theme of episode one of Rebuild of Evangelion (a tetralogy of animated films in the hugely popular series Neon Genesis Evangelion). Has a really catchy tune and the song's message/mood (japanese and english lyrics), goes well with the new Evangelion film.

If you haven't heard the song, please watch the following video featuring the song and some clips from the movie. Enjoy!

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