Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Eh-hum # 198

And so it has come to pass.

Last Sunday (September 2) was the season finale of the comedy/musical series Flight of the Conchords. Getting my weekly fix of Bret and Jemaine's misadventures in New York city was a bit of a struggle since I don't have access to cable and the show is available to a limited number of countries (excluding Japan and the Philippines). Ergo, I had to rely entirely on YouTube for the episodes (read: copyright infringement) .

Now that the show has wrapped up, am sure the Kiwis will be taking a long deserved break. Nonetheless, will miss these guys and their equally weird and funny "mates" on the show. More importantly, I will miss their offbeat repartee and ingenious songs. But I guess, we will always have YouTube.

However, all is not lost.

I am happy to share that HBO has renewed FOTC for a second season. They will start shooting in 2008. And that's not all: season 1's DVD will be released on November 6 while the band's full-length album will be available January of next year. Good, if I am limited just to viral videos of them, I would definitely go mad (well, sort of).

They may not be the highest reated show on HBO, but they surely gained a cult following in the US (the birth of more "Mels"). So, in celebration of the Conchords' first flight into the competitive world that is American television, I give you the guys doing some serious "Angry Dancing". Enjoy!

Now you know why my I chose this template for my blog. Hehehe.

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