Monday, June 25, 2007

Eh-hum # 172

Still not in the mood to study, but will do so in the next hour.

While writing this, I heard a buzzing sound beyond my room's sliding door. When I looked out to investigate, I saw a pretty and rather huge emerald-colored beetle flying in my veranda (thank goodness for the screen door, or else there would've been a BIGGER problem). Here in Japan, they call it a semi...if I'm not mistaken. Its a sign that summer's definitely here...unfortunately.

What is fortunate, on the other hand, is my little trip to Nishinomiya yesterday after church. Two of my friends and I were invited to this small gathering of Filipinos. We though it would just be some party, but as it turns out, it was the first anniversary celebration of the Philippine Circle in Nishinomiya City. It sounds official, and actually, it was; the Philippine Consul General herself was the event's Guest of Honor (to me and my friends' surprise and amusement). It was indeed an opportunity to get acquainted with a diplomat, especially since the atmosphere of the event was laidback; it did not require us to observe strict rules of protocol. And it was a treat on my part to have learned that the Consul General and I went to the same college, making us co-alumni. Also, me and my friends suddenly found ourselves representing Kobe University's Filipino students in the party.

But that's not all. I mentioned before that I am in the process of renewing my passport. Last week, I had to fax a copy of my ARC. It was an oversight on my part, and was not able to send it with the rest of the other required documents. After sending it, I thought everything was settled. But last Saturday, I was informed that I needed to re-fax my ARC because the copy was not good. I was suppose to do it today, but because of yesterday's event, I did not have to: the secretary of the Consul General was present as well and she recognized me due to my pending application. It was quite a stretch, but I did managed to give her a photocopy of my ARC without making it sound cheesy; she was gracious about it though.

So, yesterday was indeed fruitful:

1. Met the Philippine Consul General and Vice-Consul;

2. Met the Filipino community of Nishinomiya;

3. Free food (BIKO!!!); and

4. Assurance that my passport will be processed, my thanks to Ms. Mislang of the Philippine Consulate General, Osaka.

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