Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eh-hum # 171

A continuation of my previous post. Eh-hum

Obviously, this blog is also about stuff that makes me laugh (so hard that there are tears in my eyes and I don't make any sound; you can just see my shoulders heaving).

The kind of humor I enjoy the most is deadpan...or when the comic(s) deliver their lines without a change in emotion or facial expression. And New Zealand's folk/pop/comedy duo Flight of the Conchords specializes in this kind of humor. They are musicians as well, putting their witty repartee into songs with serious guitar works. Hence, they are both a comedy duo and a band.

The duo, I mean band, is composed of Bret Mckenzie and Jemaine Clement. They have toured as FOTC outside New Zealand and have released a CD, entitled Folk the World Tour. Aside from doing comedy and music, both guys have had acting stints. Mckenzie was an extra on the first and third installment of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. His brief appearance on the first film (during the Council of Elrond), made such an impact that fans named his character, an elf, as Figwit, which stands for "Frodo is grea...who is THAT?!" (they were said to be distracted by Figwit's demeanour...and his "pout"). In the LOTR: ROTK, he was credited as "Elf Escort" and has two lines. On the other hand, Clement has appeared in a few independent films. Now, he is one of the major characters in the movie Eagle vs Shark, a NZ romantic comedy directed by Academy Award-nominee Taika Waititi. Clement was also featured in Outback Steakhouse commercials for the US.

The guys are now working on their 12-part series on HBO, hence the teaser. It was said that their well-received performance on HBO's 30-minute stand-up comedy series One Night Stand paved the way for the production of the said series. This would definitely give them even more exposure in the US. And why not? The pilot was smart and hysterical. The guys' cool brand of comedy deserves significant airtime in US television, and the rest of the world. Besides Peter Jackson, Americans will be familiar with other talented New Zealanders. Since I have no access to cable right now, hopefully will have access to the rest of the episodes online. Nonetheless, there will always be DVD...sigh.

Like many of my posts, I end this with a video from YouTube. This is one of the FOTC's songs in their One Night Stand performance. No matter how many times I watch it, it doesn't fail to make me laugh (by the way, Clement is the one wearing the glasses). Enjoy!

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