Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eh-hum # 154

A trip down memory lane...well sort of.

One of the joys of television are the commercials. Well, it can a nuisance as well; especially when these ads would mercilessly flood the airwaves to the point that they get more airtime than the show you are actually watching. Nonetheless, they are interesting.

Sometimes, its not about the product, but the production of the advertisement itself. For instance, was the commercial creative enough to make it enjoyable to watch, unique enough to make it timeless (like movies, commercials have introduced some classic lines or memorable characters), or has an important message that would elicit emotion or instigate rational thinking. Also, ever wonder why SuperBowl commercials are such a big deal, as big as the game itself? Hence, its not just about selling something, its entertainment.

In my case, humor and originality makes a commercial stand-out. The 90's had some interesting TV ads, and I have my favorites. Two of them, happened to be commercials for Levi's jeans and feature actual songs:

Levi's Ad featuring Babylon Zoo's "Spaceman"


Shaggy's Mr Boombastic

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