Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eh-hum # 132

Oh, did I mention that my classes finished last week?

Yes, bakasyon na po ako (this is why I have been sleeping around 3:30 AM for the past three days; todo Internet na ito!) and am trying to think how I should spend two months away from school. But knowing me, I might just go to the library (or libraries) to do research, review my Nihongo so I won't forget, visit some museums (yak, nerd talaga) and plan a trip to Tokyo. Also, if all things go according to plan, my sister will visit me this March. Asteeg


Oo nga pala, today's Valentine's Day! Happy Hearts day to all (single people included, hehehe). Here in the land of the rising sun, Valentines' Day is celebrated earnestly, with malls and supermarkets selling a wide variety of chocolates meant for a variety of individuals: boyfriend (and perhaps girlfriend), your boss or simply a friend. Giving chocolates does not reflect romance, as represented by the last two; but in Valentines' Day, guys would definitely received some sweets from their girlfriends (or girlfriend to be, especially if the chocolate is homemade or expensive). Yep, guys are NOT obligated to give chocolates, among other things, on this day. Hehehehe, olats, Japanese girls are spoiling their guys rotten. I suppose, this wouldn't work in the Philippines. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...unless her boyfriend remembered to give her some tulips today or shower her some affection. Ahhhh, love. For more info on Japan's Valentines' Day, read this article from Time.


I am afraid to read the Philippines local dailies. Why? Well, its the election season again (May 2007), and we won't have much good news on this topic, especially of the kind of people bent on getting a seat in the Senate, etc. For instance, I learned from my mother that Richard Gomez (the actor) will be running. This is really BAD news. I doubt he has any knowledge on the Constitution and law making (he'll be spending most of his pork barrel in hiring people who will think for him). Foulmouthed, he speaks without thinking and arrogantly believes that he has a point when in fact he does not. In short, the guy is a freaking ass****. Great, just what we need, another clown in the Senate. Why, why, why do people like him who obviously have no political will/knowledge would want to be in politics (don't answer that)? If he really wants to help the masa, why not be part of an NGO ( I also raised this back when Jamby Madrigal ran for the Senate in 2004) or set up their own foundation. If these people really want to help the masses, they should spend their own money, not taxpayers' blood, sweat and tears. Anyway, if you want to know the who's who this coming elections (Senate), please read this.


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