Sunday, February 11, 2007

Eh-hum # 131


Wala lang,
noticed that I have been posting videos lately. One, I finally learned how; and two, I recently upgraded my web browsers (IE and Mozilla) so I am now able to view them. The ones I have posted were, of course, my favorites. Ahhhh, welcome to the wonderful world of YouTube, Yahoo! Video (Philippines) and iFilm, where ordinary people get to produce witty/silly/crazy/ videos of themselves (and their friends) and then become celebrities overnight. Amazing how technology makes it easier for us to connect with the rest of the world by just a click of the mouse.

Speaking of viral videos and achieving celebrity status overnight, while surfing yesterday afternoon, I came across with a funny and unusual video on Yahoo!. This is old news, as I found out later on; I am talking about the video created and starred in by two Chinese boys who became famous (and now have fans) for lip-synching Back Street Boys' and other Pop songs. There are widely referred to as the Back Dormitory (or Dorm) Boys (BDB). "Dormitory" because they recorded most of their performances in their dorm room using a webcamera. But eventhough the videos are not exactly HD, most viewers found them hilarious. There is actually a third boy in the group, but in the videos, he rarely shows his face and can be seen playing Counter Strike. For me, this is the funny part; the third boy minds his own business, as if totally oblivious to the "performance" of the main "stars" of the videos. Since "releasing" their first viral video, the boys became instant celebrities and their act have also spawned some imitations. More importantly, the BDB phenomenon has further contributed to the popularity of the Internet and podcasting in China and the rest of the world. I am amazed how two lip-synching Chinese boys are getting this much attention; perhaps putting a twist on a not so new concept and the timing to join the online video craze helped them achieve web notoriety. Also, I think the main message of their mock videos is that its alright not to take yourself too seriously, you may end up getting endorsement deals from companies like Motorola. If you have been sleeping under a rock (like me, until I log on the Internet) and are not familiar with the boys, below is one of their many videos, which is an ad they did for Motorola. I admit, the song has a catchy tune. Enjoy!


Free time also allowed me to do some blog surfing, and I ended up visiting the blog of Filipino designer and fashion guru. One of her entries was about the big bag. From gradeschool until the present, I almost always carry a big bag, which may be any of the following: shoulder and body bags, gym bag, and back pack. I have never used what she referred to as a kili-kili bag (bags that are small enough to be considered a purse). I often get teased for using, for instance, a back pack, because I looked as if I brought my room or closet with me. But I see the convenience of bringing such a bag, especially when commuting. Moreover, the comment I found in her blog made me appreciate it more:

Don't friend girls with small bags, said Jessica Zafra. Particularly the kili-kili bag. A small bag is an indication of a blah girl.

A big bag tells me the girl could be interesting, fashionable, caring, high-maintenance, motherly, a traveler/explorer, obsessive-compulsive, rich, broke, generous, or all of the above—but never boring.

"Never Boring"...Yeba! Hehehehe.

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