Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eh-hum # 112

I have taken pictures of the “kids”, but I haven’t downloaded them from my camera (because, as you know, I’m too lazy to do so). So, I’ll skip this item for now.

What I did during the long weekend cannot be described as relaxing. While I was looking forward to just watching TV until my head explodes, I was compelled to clean my room and organize my stuff (and my sister’s) in boxes. Had my room repainted and the plywood for my ceiling changed. The rainy days brought some damage to the roof ; hence, my room was soaked with rain water. We took advantage of the fine weather we’ve been having lately and suddenly, my room’s clean! Also, I was able to finally throw out the things that I don’t need and collects dust. Not so bad when you think about it.

Its official: I am leaving for Japan by the end of September 2006. I haven’t told that many people yet because I still can’t believe I was accepted as an exchange student at Kobe University (even though I have been informed last 01 July). It will be under a scholarship and good for one year. I am thrilled, of course, since I’ve always wanted to study in Japan, it doesn’t matter if it’s less than a year or that I will be only taking a few courses. Whatever I gained there for the next 10 to 12 months would complement my studies at my home university. This would also be a good opportunity for me to enhance my Japanese as well as begin research work on my MA thesis. And hopefully, get to visit Studio Ghibli/Ghibli Museum.

Excited as I am, I can’t help but to feel a little tense with the idea of me living ALONE in a foreign country for a year. I can’t help think that once I get there, I will have a bad case of homesickness. My brother, the youngest in the family, is not too happy with me leaving. My sister is already living at a condo unit near where she works; he will be alone (but not lonely, am sure). Moreover, my dad will be leaving abroad for work soon. So, mom, my brother and Merly will be residing in a 6-room bungalow in the laidback San Bartolome.

Sad as it seems, it is for the best. This is also an opportunity for me to independent and apply whatever survivor skills my parents and reality TV has thought me. Just kidding, it wouldn’t kill me to be self-sufficient. Also, I am already in my mid-20s, so this exchange program couldn’t come at a better time.

In preparation for my study trip, my mom was benevolent enough (always has, by the way) to buy me a new laptop. When we got to the computer shop yesterday, I was amazed how affordable computer notebooks are nowadays. My sister’s laptop (a.k.a. Ramon) is more than PhP 70,000.00; mine’s less than PhP 46,000.00. It’s a good buy (from a not so techie point of view) since its capable of wireless Internet and has a DVD/CD burner. More importantly, its 1-year warranty is recognized at service centers abroad, including Japan.


I know this is a little late (and not at all related to the previous topic), but I have come to the conclusion that one member in every boy band is gay. It’s just sad that they have to hide their sexuality in order to part of a popular group. Why can’t they perform as themselves, and not pretend to be straight in order to earn a living.


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Sharon said...

ey con! congrats! may laptop na rin siya! btw, free tayo ng wifi sa admu. i just registered mine a couple of weeks ago. take advantage of it while you're still here. i stay in library every weekends and hola! im so connected! congrats again. i have some news myself :)