Friday, August 04, 2006

Eh-hum # 111

'Tis August and I can't decided whether to be excited or

I haven't had the opportunity to think what I am suppose to write on next. Still a little shaken by my uncle's death (I pray that he is in heaven, drinking and smoking to his heart's content with my Tito Ed, my mother's kuya and his friend), I realized that I will never be ready for that day (or days) the Lord decides to call either of my parents to His place. When that happens, you can't helped but to be overcome with emotion that you do not realize that it is part of life. You don't know what you got til its try to remember every feeling, every memory and every detail that will help you remember what life was when they're still with you. Sigh. Life is a gift from God, it should be spent wisely. As one movie's tagline goes: Life's about the Journey. Enjoy the ride with your loved ones and friends, while the road's still straight and less bumpy and the car is in good condition and has comprehensive insurance.

Our growing "kids" are growing up fast, and have no idea that playtime is not synonymous to uprooting plants, digging up holes, tearing up paper and plastic and chewing mud guards of a car. I am talking about our mixed black Labradors, Balto (or Buster) and Chile. I haven't taken pictures of them, but I will soon, perhaps publish it on this very post. More on this when I have the photos. ;)

The weather has not been kind, especially two weeks ago. I was forced to evacuate and stay at my sister's room. Its funny that during the first night, I was not able to sleep soundly. Eventhough its just one room away, namahay pa rin ako. Hmp....

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