Monday, May 15, 2006

Eh-hum # 98

Here’s a summary of what I have been up to (mostly from work, so excuse the acronyms):

->Paper and PPT on RP-Japan Env Coop
->OPAPP Meeting
->CHR Meetings
->Finishing a ton (an exaggeration, I know) of after activity reports, highlights of the meeting, etc.
->SSG follow-ups

Last week was especially tense since we presented our paper (see above) on Friday. Nonetheless, it turned out to be just fine, and we decided to go to a karaoke bar to celebrate.

I took a fondness for karaoke signing since we got ourselves a Magic Sing (I find out that many of our kababayans abroad own one. Syempre, hindi ka pinoy kapag hindi ka nag-kakaraoke). As expected, I was eager to show my “karaoke voice”. Unfortunately, lazy scumbags decided to raid our neighbors’ home, compelling me to leave earlier than expected. Now, I owe my friends a karaoke night. Sigh.


We have five dogs and two cats. Actually, the canines live with us while the felines can come and go as they please. My mom hates the scent of kitty litter (and its contents), so NO CATS ALLOWED.

In the last two months, we lost three dogs due to some canine illnesses. This was actually the first time that this happened; our dogs usually die of old age (and die happy). And when our pseudo-guard dog named Pongo (yes, from 101 Dalmatians) was not his aggressive self lately, we decided to take action. A consultation with the vet revealed that his lack of enthusiasm for barking with extreme prejudice and eating (with extreme prejudice) was due to a Vitamin C deficiency. My mom asked my dad to buy Pongo, and the other dogs, some Nuerobion and Enervon C.

Word/s for the day: extreme prejudice


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vioLetfiSh said...

we missed you!!! next time we'll start earlier... and you sing first!!! :-D