Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Eh-hum # 92

Uh-huh. One down, one more to go. I've learned much from this semester (nak's naman), but most importantly, it ended a week least for me. ;)

Nonetheless, I wouldn't say this is my best sem; I could've done better, really. Since I like to cram things, especially school work, it will be a challenge.

I just realized something though, I am 9 units away from the (much-dreaded) COMPRE Exams and the (exciting) Thesis Writing. Huwaw...thiz iz really iz it.

Oh yeah, congrats to my batchmates from MC-IS who took their MA-IS and are graduating this coming Saturday. Perhaps the first group of people that already has their MA's. Asshhteeg.


To Sen. Jamby "Judy Ann Sr." Madrigal: You think you know, but you have no idea. Its not always a good idea to share information about a person re: a subject matter, especially if that person was one of the, uh, proponents of the said subject, or event. Juan Ponce Enrile belonged to the inner circles of MalacaƱang during the height of the Marcos dictatorship, so be careful on what you say. In Filipino, magulang na si Enrile... and in fairness to him, he is a far more experienced lawmaker/politician than Ms. Madrigal (that is not to say he is more honest).

It was a mistake Judy Ann...I mean, Jamby, to take on Enrile and the issue of Martial Law...hindi ka mananalo dyan. I (extremely) doubt you know more about the subject than he does (or than Sen. Joker Arroyo), or at least give better arguments, so better keep your mouth shut. Or better yet, fire your staff now and get a new one (heck, you have the pork barrel to do that, anyway); the type that could get information on something without the help of a paper trail (like Enrile's "ambush").

Honestly, your crying fit last Monday was somewhere between amusing and pathetic. So get your act together and do what good Senators are suppose to do. Kung pwede lang sana.

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