Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eh-hum # 91

One down...two to go.

Last Tuesday, 28 February 2006, was my orals for Japanese Economy. It was actually nerve the point I got sick that evening and missed work yesterday.

The orals was okay, not as bad as I expected it. Now I have two more papers to think due on March 14 and the other by May. Then there's this other thing I am working on.

I was bored to death yesterday, but my aching back kept me from going to work or doing anything else. Until I realized I was meaning to borrow this book from my sister.

Its a popular book, and it was a movie back in 1955 (starring THE poster boy for teen angst/rebellion, James Dean). I am talking about John Steinbeck's East of Oprah favorite, if I may add.

I only managed to read like 6 chapters, I stopped because I cant anymore tolerate the pain of my throbbing head. But let me tell you, I was hooked: the characters and their background has the potential in making this an interesting read. Now I have to finish the next 600+ pages or else...

Last Tuesday also, I was able to watch snippets of the Japanese film Waterboys. Eventhough I wasn't able to watch the whole film, I would describe it as wickedly funny. The movie is about a group of teenaged boys who take on synchronized swimming to pay a debt to this guy who works in SeaWorld-like establishment. You heard it right, as the tagline says Otoko no Synchro?!. Its funny because syncronized swimming boys are unheard of, especially in patriachal Japan. The humor is not so slapstick (unlike here in the Philippines), which is great. I'll post a more detailed description when I see it from start to finish. Yeba!

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