Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Eh-hum # 59


Yep, last 12 April, I celebrated my birthday…making me 25 years old (sigh).

I decided to treat my officemates some good Pancit Bihon we ordered outside the office (way, way out). Nothing fancy really, but it was all good.

Until I realized I am THISCLOSE to reaching 30. Uh-oh. Will I still be “well-rounded” by that time? Or for the next five years, will I muster enough will-power to exercise and eat less? What say you?

They say age doesn’t matter. Perhaps. It is possible to be in your 20’s and feel that you are already 50 years old. Or it could be the opposite. I guess the key is to lead a healthy lifestyle, be content and enjoy the blessings that keep coming. It great, really.


Its official: the new leader of the Catholic Church is Pope Benedict XVI, also known as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany and formerly the Dean of the College of Cardinals. When white smoke came out the Sistine Chapel and the bells gave a mighty bellow, people were excited. Moreover, they got the idea who the new Pope would be when someone else announced to the whole world that the Vatican has a new leader.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, it will take sometime for me to get used to the new face giving out blessings and wearing the papal white robes. For most of my life, and perhaps other people from my generation, I have associated the faith to the late John Paul II. He was THE Pope. However, he has peacefully passed away. But I am sure he will never be forgotten.

Nonetheless, we welcome Pope Benedict XVI as the new Holy Father. It may not be easy at first, but am sure that he will be able to overcome any obstacles during his term. We’ll be praying for his success.


Is it just me or did a certain local network decided to make a J.R.R. Tolkien knock off by blatantly copying some (what used to be unique) elements of the Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillon to its new fantaserye? Okay, emphasizing Angel Locsin’s breasts than her acting in Darna is senseless, but THIS IS APPALLING. I have seen the billboard along EDSA and the trailer and guess what? I HAVE A REALLY BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS. HELLO?! DON’T THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT TOLKIEN’S WORKS ARE SACRED AND SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE?!? Would it hurt them so much to be a little more creative or do more research on Filipino legends and folklore??!! But hey, most televiewers don't care; the masa el fanaticos do not care just as long their favorite stars are on the show. Right, who gives a damn about the orginality or quality of the story line (and even the acting)??!? WHY, WHY, WHY?!?!
Ehem, it better be just me....

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