Thursday, April 07, 2005

Eh-hum # 58

Another post for the late Pope John Paul II. Yep, even people with a huge amount of responsibility (and authority) can be silly (in a nice sense) every now and then.

Blessed be those who have a sense of humor...they will have a blessed life, reach the ripe age of 84 and will be respected and loved by about 1.1 billion people and even the rest of the world. Posted by Hello

The Passion

I know its quite late, but let me just say that I find Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ, intense and moving. I watched the movie during, I think, Black Saturday (I bought the ORIGINAL vcd version). I recommend the movie to all Christians, not just Catholics. I cried in a few scenes and it was great. Many said it was too violent, but I thought the violence helped illustrate the Christ's earthly suffering to save humanity (and indeed, Jesus was very much human in the film, especially in the scene when he was making a table for a rich man and sharing a light moment with his mother).

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Another plus is Jim Caviezel (and I don't want to elaborate my personal "opinion" on him in the same post as the Pope and Jesus. SIGH), he's really a talented actor (among other things, whoops). Seriously, the film for me was something worth watching. It was even more meaningful when I watched it during the Holy Week. It wouldn't hurt to take time and look into the teachings or fundamentals of our religion, right?

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