Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Eh-hum # 46

Back to Reality

Oh great, am back at work.

Management decided to observe this staggered working schedule. By choice, I had my Christmas break from 20 to 24 December 2004 and then go to work the following week. The schedule worked for me, since I was able to go to my cousin’s wedding (more on this later on). Prior to the circulation of the office memo, there were a few problems with regards to the scheduling. But eventually, it was straightened out in the end.

I struggled to wake up this morning, since during the break, I had the luxury of waking up at past 7:00 (On working days, I wake up at quarter to 5:00). It was unusual that I return to work more than a week later and the found the surroundings, the environment, the same before the holidays. It was also weird that when the first BER month came, we are so excited for the 25th of December. Now that’s over, suddenly, everything went back to normal. More than 3 months of anticipation and preparation will come down to only one day. Like training for the Olympics, you train for more than a year, and then it comes down to that crucial minute whether your performance will get the gold or not.
Oh well.

Anyway...(Belated) Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Wedding Blues 2

I don’t really remember, I guess this is the 2nd time I will write on Weddings. Perhaps next to May and June, December is a favorite wedding month. Last 22 December 2004, my cousin, Kuya Erwin, tied the knot. Sa aming magpipinsan, pang-apat na siya na nag-desisyon na magpakasal. During my niece’s baptismal, I think that was in June 2004, we had the chance to meet his fiancĂ©e: Ate Cheryl (there is a story behind the "ate"). She works in the same industry as he does and graduated from a good university. Overall, my first impression was that she’s this really nice girl. As they say, simplicity is beauty. Initially, we were surprised when they decided to get married since they have been dating less than a year. After some thinking, it was just fine. I mean, we would never really understand the kind of loving relationship they have so why question them. While a long engagement is considered advantageous, it may not really determine if a marriage will be a success.

The wedding was simple and something that was exclusive to the family and some close friends (which makes up the entourage). Also, the feel of the celebration was solemn. My computer at work does not support .exe programs so I couldn’t post pictures properly. Good thing my brother posted the pictures on his (
picture) website. Just click here please.

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