Thursday, August 05, 2004

Eh-hum # 12


Cat fights. Nope, no furry felines here. It is that vehement exchange of verbal (or physical) abuse between two (or more) feisty females who despise each other. It can happen anywhere: at home, at school, on the street and most commonly, in the work place. The intensity of the confrontation, I think, is correlated to 1) the age of the ladies (the younger they are, the more brutal it is…and irrational) and 2) the depth of the issue/problem or what’s at stake. Reiterating that it can get physical, I think throwing insults is bad enough. While the ladies involved may think that its an effective way to assert their so-called civil liberties (e.g. condemning the other of spreading nasty rumors about the accuser), all that commotion would only lead to more problems. How about the people who gets to witness a cat fight? The spectators may 1) feel that it is a total waste of time and only a gimmick to get attention; 2) consider it as an alternate source of entertainment or 3) just don’t give a damn. I guess, am between options 1 and 2.

I for one don’t like confrontations. Quoting Butch Dalisay (April 1996), I am about as warlike as a mushroom. In my opinion, people are totally unreasonable during these fights therefore any form of resolution is close to impossible. While you may feel the urge to hit the other person, it is still best to harness one’s diplomatic skills. You can still defend yourself while maintaining your composure. To avoid these unnecessary fights, I try to understand people as much as I can, try to be objective and not to get involved in other people’s special concerns. Also, it is not healthy to force yourself on another department and do someone else's tasks. It is also best not to get your superiors involved in these personal standoffs.

Get it? Just remember, it takes two to tango and where there's smoke, there's fire.

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