Thursday, July 22, 2004

Eh-hum # 7

Do I hear wedding bells?
Yes.  To date, two of my friends in high-school are married (or at least one of them, one will tie the knot this coming Saturday, 24 July).
I find this all too weird.  I never thought that people from my highschool batch are really getting married.  I mean, marriage is for adults.
Hmmm...wait a minute.  I am an adult.
As you know (or as we were taught), Marriage is just one of the many decisions a person is entitled to in his or her life.  A special agreement between two (and hopefully, just two) people who share a bond (strenghtened by love, trust, etc) and with that have decided to make it a permanent one, before their family, friends, loved ones and of course, God.  Til death do us part.
Nice, huh?  But, of course, people have different opinions on marriage.  In my case, I don't really see myself getting married....well, at least not yet.
So for "Rogin-E", best wishes and God Bless!

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Jax said...

sayang. sana talaga makapunta ka. pero di bale. yung next wedding na lang. syet. sino at kelan kaya ang next? ayoko nang magassume kung sino ang next kasi ito ngang si rog di ko ineexcpect ang naging sunod! syet, con, syet.