Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Eh-hum # 6

Thank God Almighty, FREE at last!
Mr Dela Cruz, the transnational truck driver that was hostaged for two weeks, still has his head and is safe and sound.
After all that brutal beheadings in the hands of Iraqi terrorists, this is definitely great news.  Who would've thought that they would also hostage a Filipino, a civilian at that.  I'd say it is because of our alliance with the United States that made us fair game as well (even we did just send 51 troops). 
While Dela Cruz and family will have a tearful, heartfelt reunion, Washington and its allies still think this was a big mistake.
Well, well.
First of all, I just hope that they do find those WMDs and find hardcore evidence that Saddam is thisclose with the Al-Qaeda (let me check Dr Rice's statement on this one).
Second, I just hope President Bush will win this coming elections.  I'm not following the US campaign race but due to the turn of events, I am wondering what Kerry's stance on Iraq.
Saving a life of a Filipino OFW, True. But, I wonder.....

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