Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eh-hum # 264

Second semester for this school year started last Monday, but my class officially starts tomorrow. I must say, am looking forward to finishing this semester with flying colors. Moreover, am glad that the comprehensive examination and thesis writing are just around the corner. Hopefully in less than two years I will have a Masters degree.

Its a pity that I had to resign since it was promising at the beginning. But then came the issues, plus my rather mediocre school performance (but am extremely thankful for getting a B+! Whew!). I made my decision and am standing by it.
I visited a good friend at her workplace yesterday. It is a place where many have dreamed of working due to the experience, the environment and the compensation packages. I often sigh whenever the MRT passes by the office's compound in Ortigas. My friend was gracious enough to give me a tour, with me looking like a wide-eyed seven-year old visiting Disneyland for the first time. My favorite place was the library and its urbane yet affable ambiance. Who would've thought that working for an IO could be cool?
The trip was a revelation for me. Though it would be difficult to get in such an office (or any organization in the same caliber), it is not impossible. I am even more inspired to plan my career, work hard and, as my friend said, determine the sector to specialize in. Time to get down to business. :)

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