Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eh-hum # 262

Whew! Finally submited my paper last week, just in time for the break courtesy of the annual undas.

My mother hosted a dinner for the family on the 31st. It was fun watching my younger cousins huddle together and talk about college life (O-M-G! I am THAT old already) and other stuffs that young people in their early 20s and/or late teens talk about. Meanwhile, me and my sister decided to sing (rather, melodiously shout) a couple of 80's/90's karaoke hits. She also attempted to play with our three-year old nephew (rather, first cousin once removed), but what they had was a failure to communicate (he insisted on playing "Thomas the Train" with his own rules, meaning disregarding the stop/go signs my sister diplomatically explained to him. Awww, kids and their tendency to challenge authority). And then, my immediate family and I went to the cemetary yesterday and offered prayers for our departed loved ones.

And now, our attention turns to Christmas.


After submitting the paper online, I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time. My brother, using his power of persuasion, asked me to help him with a book report. Now, I am reading Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things. Its not an easy read, but so far very interesting (I am half-way done).

I should spend all of this time wisely, which will be quite a challenge. But what motivates me are the advantages of a MA degree and the realization of my future plans. So I should get on with it and take things more seriously than usual. So, a partial list:

1. My SSS account;
2. Enrolment this Friday;
3. Acquire list of readings in preparation for my Comprehensive exams next summer;
4. Organize my readings for my thesis;
5. Review my nihonggo; and
6. Work for additional income.



ALRIGHT! Tomorrow, the United States will decide who will be leading their country after W. The rest of the world can only watch and pray. Abangan!

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